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What is Health Food anyhow? - Healthfood Information

Actually, there shouldn't even be the need for a term like Healthfood.

All food should be healthy naturally.

If a particular food is healthy for you specifically is another story yet again.

One man's bread(food) is another man's poison, is indeed a helpfull guide to go by. Proverbs often prove to be true. Obviously in today's spociety, we should say "One person's ....."

I wonder when the term Healthfood started? Did it it started with the onset of processed food and agriculture switching to chemical induced farming methods ... probably.

Therefore, one could say that all food grown in a natural if possible organic environment and stay mainly un-processed, can be regarded as Healthfood.

As Healthfood is a short form of Health giving food, one also can consider, specific foods which have been proven to be of benefit for most people.

Always keep in mind the above proverb.... imagine someone with a salicilate intollerance, all these fantastic Healthfoods rich in Antioxidants such as most berries, would cause lots of un-healthy reaction in such a person ..

Lots of Healthfood is processed however, it's just convinenent, even so it would be better if we would by organic grains and mill it ourself. The healthfood version would be a organic wholegrain flour - unrefined - no preservatives.

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*Medical Disclaimer: All information given is of a general nature and not to be taken as medical health advice.

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