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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

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What is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi?

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Ka Huna, Hot Stone Massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is an ancient 'temple style' of bodywork.

 In Australia it has also become recognized as Ka Huna ('The Secret') Massage.

This sacred bodywork was originally performed by the Kahuna Lapa'au (Master Lomi Practitioners)
and as non-Hawaiians, it was truly a privilege for us to learn it and even more of an honor to be able to 'share' this incredible knowledge today.

The massage is performed in 'dance like' movements (also a Martial Art), using both the forearms and hands in long flowing (yet focused) strokes along the body, with continual rhythm and fluidity.

The unique flow and pressure of the massage, both soft and deep, used in combination with the breath, encourages the body, mind and spirit to heal, leaving both the giver and the receiver feeling relaxed yet alive and energized.

The Kahuna Stones also known as The Wizard Stones or Healing Stones

Hawaiians have many myths and legends about stones. 

This is one of their legends. 

On the island of Oahu in Hawaii are to be found four basalt boulders which weigh several tons apiece and sit on a lava rock platform. The stones are said to hold the power of four Kahunas. Reports vary on the age of the stones from 400AD to sometime before the 15th century.

The story of the stones takes us back to the time when four Kahuna - powerful healers from Tahiti came to Hawaii. Their names were Kapaemahu, Kahaloa, Kapuni, and Kihohi. They lived in the Ulukou heiau (religious compound). After years of healing the people and the Ali'i (chiefs and royalty)  of Hawaii, they wished to return home. They asked the people to erect four monuments made of bell stone. Bellstones are a basalt stone and when struck, bellstones make a ringing sound that can be heard from a great distance. During a month of prayer and ritual the healers were said to have transfered their spiritual healing power, or mana, to the stones.  They then left the Hawaiian Islands.

Over time the stones were forgotten about.

A bowling alley was built on the spot, and the stones got buried beneath the structure. After the bowling alley was torn down in the 1960s, tourists used the stones to eat lunch on or to drape their wet towels over. In 1997 the stones were once again given a place of prominence with the construction of a shrine that includes the platform and a wrought-iron fence.

The religious compound where the Kahuna lived is where you will find the Sheraton Moana Surfrider Hotel.


The stones today are recognised as symbols of the island's spiritual heritage and have become something of a mecca for students and patients of traditional healing. If you visit the stones remember they are sacred to the Hawaiian people who ask that they be treated with respect.



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