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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Counselling

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What is Counselling?

Counselling / Coaching / NLP /

Counselling - Psychotherapy Dreamwork - Family Constellations - Regression Therapy

Counselling can take on many forms..

The first and foremost fact to know, counselling is there to help You to reflect on your thinking, attitudes, feelings thoughts.

The keyword here is reflection.

You are too close to yourself, it helps to talk to a third person.

You will not be told what to do, you will be helped to see or feel different about a certain issue, and will be encourage to find a re-solution yourself...

Counselling may take on different forms with different modalities.

Coaching, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technics/EFT, Neuro Linguistic Programming /NLP, Thought Field Therapy - and other.... are all forms of counselling..

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