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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Ayurveda

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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional healing system practised in the world.

This ancient knowledge was given to mankind more than 5000 years ago by sages and seers for the well being of humans. It is also known as the mother of all healing system. It is original source of many modern natural healing therapies.

The sanskrit term 'Ayurveda' is composed of two words- Ayus + Veda.

Ayus means life and Veda means knowledge.
So the literal meaning of Ayurveda is science of life.

The basic premise of Ayurveda is that the entire cosmos or universe is part of one singular absolute. Everything that exists in the vast external universe (macrocosm), also appears in the internal cosmos of the human body (microcosm). The human body consisting of 50-100 million cells, when healthy, is in harmony, self-perpetuating and self-correcting just as the universe is.

The ancient Ayurveda text, Charaka, says, "Man is the epitome of the universe. Within man, there is as much diversity as in the world outside.

Similarly, the outside world is as diverse as human beings themselves." In other words, all human beings are a living microcosm of the universe and the universe is a living macrocosm of the human beings.

According to Ayurveda, your basic constitution is determined at the time of conception.

This constitution is called Prakruti. The term Prakruti is a Sanskrit word that means, "nature," "creativity," or "the first creation."

Your basic constitution is fixed throughout his lifetime.

The combination of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that was present in the individual at the time of conception is maintained throughout his lifetime.

People can have different combination of Vata, Pitta and kapha as their basic constitution or Prakruti. This is how Ayurveda can explain the subtle differences between individuals and why everyone is unique.

Your Prakruti is unique to you just as your fingerprint and DNA.

Ideally, your constitution remain fixed throughout your life. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Every person is subjected to the constant interaction with his or her environment which will affect the person's constitution at any time. The body will try to maintain a dynamic equilibrium or balance with the environment.

Your current condition is called your vikruti. Although it reflects your ability to adjust to life's influences and is always changing, it should match your prakruti, or inborn constitution, as closely as possible. If the current proportion of your doshas differs significantly from your constitutional proportion, it indicates imbalances, which in turn can lead to illness. Farther your Vikruti is from your Prakruti, more ill you are.

Ayurveda teaches that your Vikruti can be changed by means of diet and meditation so as to approach your Prakruti or the state where you have perfect health.

When healthy, we maintain an average body temperature of about 98 degrees, it does not change much so long as the person is healthy.

Just like an allopathic doctor will take your temperature and blood pressure routinely as the first step in diagnosing your condition, Ayurvedic practitioners will determine your Prakruti and Vikruti as the first step in diagnosing your condition.

Hence prior to embarking on a journey to perfect health and longevity, it is important that you understand your Prakruti and Vikruti and determine how far separated these are.

Armed with this knowledge, Ayurveda can map a treatment strategy. This is the basic premise of Ayurveda.

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