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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Astrology

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What is Astrology?

Astrology is ultimately a profoundly Spiritual Science, and there is more to Astrology, than just reading your horoscope... as it concerns the individual and our relationship to the Universal forces in which we abide.

It is about the group of Souls known as Humanity, and the reality that we are all part of the "One".

Until we all realise this, and take responsibility for our part in this oneness, we cannot begin to live Spiritually inspired lives!

The goal of Astrology is to encourage each of you to find your unique gifts and potentials, whilst clearing (or healing) parts of yourselves which limit this fulfillment.

Astrology is not about ‘good' or 'bad’, negative or positive personality descriptions, nor is it fortune telling or predicting future outcomes.

Astrology is about understanding the energy patterns that connects everything.

The emphasis is on gaining insights, and understanding and using those insights to make informed choices - choices that align with these energy patterns rather than struggling against them.

This will include being aware of your negative tendencies as well as the positive, and learn from this increased awareness by concentrating on positive aspects while overcoming negative disruptive tendencies.

Therefore to know your own unique astrological chart, will assist successful navigation through life.

No one can say precisely when astrology emerged.

However, we know the fact that 6,000 years ago, Chaldean priests used watchtowers to make maps of the skies.

Scientists found clay tablets, estimated to date from 3800 B.C., which record the motions of the Sun and the Moon with extraordinary accuracy.

Originally, astronomy and astrology formed one science and were collectively depicted as one word.

Largely this was due to the fact that all 'sciences' at that time were very closely amalgamated with religion.

With the advance of materialism, astronomy and astrology formed two separate branches of science.
Astronomy specialized in studying the physical movements of the planets and their chemical structure.
Astrology studies how the planets influence humans on the emotional and mental plane, which ultimately tends to shape their lives.

... info correlated by Dieter L. Editor for useNature

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