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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Art Therapy

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What is Art Therapy?

Everyone has a need for creative expression..

Anything which can stimulate your right side of the brain and can get you into an Alpha State of brain-wave is essentially healing and therefore therapy.

Art Therapy has many facets, it can be totally focused on the individual or it can be the simple application of taking up art as in painting...

Creativity is life in action, without it, there would be nothing new - ever....

Your direct benefits of painting are:

  1. Painting is like re-creating a part of yourself...
  2. Creative expression of emotion frees you up...
  3. Painting creates space in yourself for peace and regeneration, it is a relaxed, meditative state...
  4. Painting is therapy for body and soul, it stimulates the right side of the brain and is a natural way to get into the Alpha brain wave.
  5. And most of all, it's fun!

Art Therapy is a unique experience...

Firstly, it is based on using the medium "painting - drawing" as an instrument of change. It is not that you learn painting as such, although, if you are a non-artist you will learn a number of painting techniques in a natural experimental way.
By not concentrating on learning techniques you actually bypass a lot of learning barriers, which helps you to pick up techniques quick, automatic and "intuitive".

Some of those techniques will be new even to the experience artist.

Secondly, it is based on applying paint onto paper, in an "intuitive way", bypassing conventional techniques. In this specific way, to paint becomes a medium to achieve a promotion of the human potential such as; creativity, individuality, self esteem, expressing emotion, over coming fear or "reservation to start something", overcoming the fear of failure, learning to trust, etc.

The effect this has on the individual is obviously varied, as it depends entirely on expectation, and for what reason that therapy, class or workshop is taken.

For a Non-Artist (and artist at a personal level)
By doing something totally unexpected, in a safe environment, you will allow yourself to experience a situation of the unknown. This will help you to shift your inner awareness and discover new emotions and presentations of yourself.

A must for anyone contemplating "change as a means of personal development". Overcoming reservation or fears of starting projects, or any new activity for this matter. Releasing emotions and old routines and patterns. Lift self-esteem by proving yourself that you can do something, you thought you couldn't do. Becoming aware of new aspects about yourself. Discovering that you are creative. As a starting block to actually start to paint, or to start something you always wanted to do. Becoming more flexible and at ease. Trust yourself and your intuitions. Using stress "energy" in a positive way. Learning to make decisions.

Realising, that there is no failure, only the failure to participate (in life).

Art Therapy is not limited to painting, creative writing and any other expressive art form can be used as a part of a therapy.

Use your creativity, read the article >> Do you want to be creative?

Any type of Artist is welcome on the useNature Art Directory

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