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Clinic / Practitioner Locality Guide: Aroma Therapy

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What is Aroma Therapy?

Aroma Therapy is a natural healing  technique incorporating the use of essential plant oils - aroma oils.

Tailored to each individual's requirements, the oils are carefully selected to assist in restoring physical and emotional wellbeing.

Ideal for treating fluid retention, toxin removal, poor circulation, fatigue (physical and emotional), stress and poor immune function.

Essential oils have many functions.

For example:

Essential oils  benefit the skin by penetrating the pores and the cell membranes to find their way into the tissues, releasing their unique healing properties.

Many of these oils stimulate the circulation, increasing blood flow to the applied area and therefore encouraging new cell growth.

Each essential oil’s own aroma also has unique properties that react in humans by creating different emotional reactions,  which has been researched thoroughly and the practice of aromatherapy has resulted.

We can all relate to floral scents giving us a sense of tranquillity or calm.

For the skin essential oils are used in lotions, massage oils, creams, scrubs, soaps and more.

It is not recommended to apply essential oils directly onto the skin undiluted as they are very potent and can cause reactions.

Cold pressed citrus oils should not be used on the skin when going out into the sun as they are known to cause photosensitivity in some people and can also cause pigmentation problems or skin irritations. However they are fine to use in night creams or lotions when you are not exposed to sunlight.

The old favourites like Lavender and Geranium essential oils are still popular today because their skin care abilities have been tested and proven over many years.

Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil:

Relieves clogged pores/congested skin - Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin - Gentle astringent - Good for wrinkles/broken capillarie

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil:

Soothes skin irritations - Good for eczema, psoriasis and sunburn - Evens skin tone - Clears blemishes/healing - Good for all skin types - Clogged pores/thread veins

An easy and effective way to incorporate essential oils into your skin care routine is to add them to the bath water. They can be absorbed through the skin by bathing in warm water and this allows the essential oils to flow throughout the body benefiting not only your skin but your entire system.

To find out more about aroma oils and Aroma Therapy, simply contact an Aroma Therapist.

info correlated by Dieter L. Editor for useNature

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