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Aroma Oils & Essential Oils

 Most Essential Oils have a therapeutic action and are used accordingly.

Well known Oils, such as Tea Tree Oil has demonstrated to be an anti-microbal and possible anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral.
Essential and aroma oils are used for their therapeutic action, the fragrance, as inhalation and for topical application
as in massage and aroma therapies and for skin  and hair care products. 

To help you further, please see our article section- click > Essential OIls - doTerra Oils

Find a Practitioner modality using Aroma Oils > Aroma Therapy - Massage Therapy - Naturopathy - Skincare

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Evenstar Creations Soluntra King Profile | Email | Website
Evenstar Creations Soluntra King Doorway to the New Earth, Second Sun, Greater Central Sun, you as the Creator Goddess/God you are.
Books, Paintings, Mandalas, Photos, Workshops, Multi-D Journeys, Consultations and Star Essences for Activation of DNA, Light Body, Physical Immortality, Unity Consciousness...articles, extracts of books, Cosmic Events.
Whakatane Bay of Plenty
Australia and

New Zealand
64 212 967 517
PaloSanto Essential Oils & Incense Profile | Email | Website
PaloSanto Essential Oils & Incense Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) 100% pure Essential Oils, Incense & skin products. We're artisan distillers and only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest. Elaborated without harming the PaloSanto wood tree. We replant. Product of Ecuador Calle 13 #308 Avenida 7
Ecuador EC130802
+593 5 2627411