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Allergy Products - supporting anyone suffering from Allergies or Hypersensitiveness.

 Allergy Prevention - Testing and Treatment Products:

Find Nutritional Supplements which can support proper digestion and absorption and try some Natural Anti Histamines.

Testing for allergies with Allergy Testing Equipment like  Electrodermal Diagnosis,  Allergy Test Kits and Hair Sample Tests.
Find Allergy Free Foods - Gluten & Specific Substance Free Foods, like foods free of salicilates.
Make sure you filter out harmful substances from your surrounding environment with Water Filters,  Air Filters or specific pot plants.
Try Dust Mite Protective Bedding, Dehumidifiers against mould, and air purifiers. Do active mould prevention with hepa vacuum cleaners.
Find Latex Free Gloves - Medical Alert Bracelets for Anaphylaxis - Allergy Cleansers and Detergents - and more.

Differences in allergy related problems: if you are experiencing respiratory problems make sure to ward off dust, mould and mites.
If you suffer from digestive problems, look out for food sensitivities, try an elimination diet and enhance your digestive function.

To help you further, please see our article section on Allergies, click > Allergies & What are Allergies

Allergy Related Products: Diet - Natural Baby Products - Organic Products - Skincare

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Metagenics Profile | Email | Website
Metagenics Innovative Research - Effective Products
Helping People Live Happier Healthier Lives.
Extensive Range of Practitioners Only Supplements
741 Nudgee Road
Northgate - Brisbane
Australia 4013
07 3117 3300
Mitey Fresh Australia Pty Ltd Profile | Email | Website
Mitey Fresh Australia Pty Ltd Building Biologist
Working with me, you and your family will thrive.

They are healthier, alert, happier, more relaxed and enjoying life. Together we can bring about healthy indoor environment, create rooms that provide calmness, healthy sleep, relaxation and restored energy for you and the whole family.
Returning indoor spaces to more natural conditions, we strengthen everyone's bodies, minds and spirit.
Terrey Hills
Australia 2084
PaloSanto Essential Oils & Incense Profile | Email | Website
PaloSanto Essential Oils & Incense Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) 100% pure Essential Oils, Incense & skin products. We're artisan distillers and only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest. Elaborated without harming the PaloSanto wood tree. We replant. Product of Ecuador Calle 13 #308 Avenida 7
Ecuador EC130802
+593 5 2627411