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All Avatars, Designs & Paintings by Giselle

Because we are a Natural orientated Directory, we have consciously chosen to use

"Original Real Paintings" for our Design Elements.


All paintings and designs can be purchased as an original painting or you can buy the right to use the painting/designs for your web-site.

For acquiring design work - please Contact Us


To buy any of the paintings throughout our web-site as a print or card, please go to >> Gallery Giselle


What is an Avatar?

An Avatar is a term adopted from Hinduism, it is Sanskrit for "descent" as in .. from heaven to earth in form of an incarnation of a deva (god)

In computer terms it can be understood as an incarnation from the real world to cyber-world, where an Avatar is an Incarnation or a Representation of a person or business in the form of a picture, logo or symbol.


We would like to introduce a special kind of Avatars - rather than a graphic or animated figure we like to opt for an original painting / portrait of a person or a symbol of a business.


This gives people the opportunity to be represented online in a professional unique way without showing a direct picture of themselves.


The portrait would be colour enhanced and designed, slightly abstracted with possible representing colours and shapes included as a form of metaphor for what that person possibly stands for.


As the saying goes.... a picture is worth a 1000 words .... meaning I better stop writing and show you some examples, and if you like the idea...

you may want to order your Avatar as a real portrait, and use a picture of that portrait as your online representation.


See all other information below the sample pictures >>

To order your avatar portrait
simply contact us here


For price details see below

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Dieter L. Editor - Avatar


Bjork - Portrai Picture
Tidy Kid
Available to order as a Symbol for Creativity or Art Therapy etc.

sample only

or buy Original

sample only - sold


sample only
Available to order as Avatar
Symbol for Creativity or Art
sample only - sold
( Jack Nicholson )


Available to order, trainer or massage etc - sample
Available to order as a Symbol
for Beauty - Hair - Make up
($50 Avatar/Logo user fee )

Sample only - Not available

used for yoga listing - sold


Available to order as a symbol
for music associated listings

Picture only - ($ 50 user fee )

Buy Original 90 x 90 - $ 820

Available to order as a symbol
for animal rights - vegetarians

Original is for sale - it's called the Activist Cow - ( $720

Available - Original Painting
($50 user fee )

Cows are for sale ( $720 )


Counselling Avatar

To use as an Avatar or Logo,
only $50on top of your listing fee.
Buy painting - $420

Spiritual Avatar

To use as an Avatar or Logo,
only $50 on top of listing fee.
Buy painting - $480

Meditation Avatar

To use as an Avatar or Logo,
only $50 on top of listing fee.
Buy painting - $280


Prices in a Gallery situation vary greatly. Some of these Example Portraits have been sold at Galleries for around $700 .


For account holders, we have been able to secure an optimum deal for the useNature.com Directory.


Prices for Avatars:

Original painting sizes available:

Portrait - 35 x 45cm = $265 - plus postage

Square Format : 60cm by 60cm = $380 - plus postage

Portrait or Landscape : 46cm x 61cm - $360 - plus postage


To buy a specific painting situated around our web-site, please quote the page address, and we will reply with a quote for the painting.
( example > http://www.usenature.com/directory/fashion-natural/ - Bamboo Forest )


For account holders with an expert plan ($160 per year) - we are able to offer a further $50 discount.


Our Service includes:

  1. We need a good quality picture of you or the desired person or object.
  2. We will commission your picture to be painted
  3. We will take a picture of the finished original Painting for you to use as an Avatar
  4. And we will post the original painting to you.

The invoice will need to be paid after seeing a low grade ( copy written mark ) picture, and accepting that artist impression.
Note: It is virtual impossible to match a customers expectation, please be prepared accept the artistic impression as it would be impossible make changes.

We will discuss the grade of distortion, abstraction or colours at the time of the order...


To order please contact me directly .. thank you ... Dieter L. Editor ( contact )




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