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15 Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Successful Meditation Our daily life is full of anxiety, stress, and wor... read more
3 Ways Meditation Can Help You Sleep Better If you’ve ever found it hard to go to sleep,... read more
A beginner's guide to meditation A beginner's guide to meditation In order to me... read more
Addiction. Disease or Symptom In the 1950s, a scientist named Wikler conducted a... read more
Analytical Meditation: Altering your behaviour patterns through thoughtful self-examination Before you begin examining what analytical meditat... read more
Anger Management Healing Sessions Anger Management Healing Sessions Anger is an emo... read more
Animal Lovers & Body Language There are many forms of language in which each per... read more
Astrology pulling us back.   Astrology is an ancient science. Our anc... read more
BALANCE BALANCE What does balance mean to you? It is imp... read more
beneficios y propiedades del Palo Santo Innumerables beneficios, eso es lo que nos da el P... read more
Benefits of Having Regular Healing Sessions. The Benefits of Having Regular 2 Hour Healing Sess... read more
Break Free From Your Root Pattern Break Free From Your Root Pattern Why do people... read more
Call on Angels A new fresh approach to call on angels http://w... read more
Can meditation techniques help you lose Weight? Can Meditation techniques help you lose weight... read more
Chakra Balancing Chakra Balancing Chakras are vortices of energy t... read more
Chakra Wisdom Chakras ….. energy centres in the body &hel... read more
Clairvoyants, Psychics and Seers Clairvoyants, Psychics and Seers What makes the... read more
Clearing Anger and Resentment Recently I was sitting in my parked car waiting to... read more
Communicating With Others as a Form of Healing. It can be very healing to talk to another person a... read more
Counteracting Stress with Meditation and Yoga Modern life is full of balancing work and home dut... read more
Cycle of life Endings and beginnings  For that is th... read more
Destiny in the palm of your hand Three Levels of Awareness Interact with Each Oth... read more
Dianne Ward: Dreamspell Decoder Individual Sessions  DIANNE WARD Dianne Ward is a Dreamspell d... read more
Discover your Love Discover your Love      Find y... read more
Embrace of the Divine In the Embrace of the Divine For over 20 years ... read more
Energetic Safety First    There is a lunar eclipse this week... read more
ENERGY HEALING SELF-TREATMENTS Have the intention to connect with the universal e... read more
EXCAVATING YOUR BLISS It is all too common that sometime in a person's f... read more
Extra Terrestrial Information Devices Extra Terrestrial Information Devices (ETID) Es... read more
Feeling the Love To let you in on a little secret, there was some... read more
Forgiveness and Giving Others a Second Chance. Sometimes it is important to completely disconnect... read more
Four Meditation Superpowers - Why Mediation Matters One of the questions I get from time to time is &l... read more
Giving / Receiving Giving / Receiving Working in the healing indus... read more
Guide to choosing a meditation cushion that's right for you. Choosing the right meditation cushion can be the d... read more
Healing Depression Healing Depression.   What is depression? ... read more
Healing For Better Sleep Patterns Healing for Better Sleep Patterns. Insomnia is a... read more
Healing for Body Dysmorphia Healing for Body Dysmorphia.  Body Dysmorphi... read more
Healing For Chronic Pain. Healing For Chronic Pain. Pain is a response to ... read more
Healing For Depression and Sadness Healing For Depression and Sadness. Depression an... read more
Healing For Headaches and Migraines. Below are some reason why people might experience ... read more
Healing For Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Healing For IBS.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome i... read more
Healing For Letting Go of Distractions and Apathy. Healing For Letting Go of Distractions and Apathy.... read more
Healing For Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Healing For Panic Attacks and Anxiety.  Heal... read more
Healing To Let Go Of The Illusion In Life. Healing To Let Go Of The Illusion In Life.  ... read more
Holistic Counselling Holistic Counselling Training Foundation Course &... read more
How to Communicate With Your Higher Self How to Communicate With Your Higher Self Your H... read more
How to Create Time for Activities that you Love. How to Create Time for Activities that you Love.&n... read more
How to Decrease the Difficulty Level of Life How to Decrease the Difficulty Level of Life ... read more
How to Improve Yourself so that The Universe Can Help You More Easily. Sometimes we beg for the universe to help us with ... read more
How to Let Go of Really Disturbing Situations and People in the Best Way. How to Let Go of Really Disturbing Situations an... read more
How To Stop Overreacting How To Stop Being Oversensitive and How To Stop Ov... read more
How Yoga Helps To Release Anxiety Have you ever been anxious about anything? Do you ... read more
Improve Your Mental Focus Through Mindfulness Meditation Welcome back everyone! This week, we talk about ho... read more
Karma, what is that really?   Karma is an Indian word literally meaning ... read more
Lucky Star Psychic Numbers Lucky Star Psychic Numbers  By  Christ... read more
Master of Energy-Choa Kok Sui   The Greatest Master of Energy - Master Cho... read more
Meditation as a Form of Healing Meditation can have a healing effect. People can s... read more
Meditation Creates Time Meditation Creates Time! Meditation on Twin Hea... read more
Meeting the Challenges of Our Changing World Meeting the Challenges of Our Changing World &n... read more
Nine things I've learned about spirituality and psychics Happy Boxing Day. I am professional psychic b... read more
No More Migraines! Kriya given by Nithyananda in his Daily Morning ... read more
Oneness in Celebration   ... Love Simply is     &nbs... read more
Palmistry & The Beauty in your Hands To me, there is nothing quite as beautiful, or as ... read more
Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens, why sacred scent? Almost all ancient cultures have used some ki... read more
Palo Santo incense (Bursera Graveolens) A quite different smells of sweetness provides the... read more
Palo Santo, the healing tree of Puerto Lopez Puerto López county in the Manabi Province ... read more
Past Life Regression Therapy PAST LIFE & INTER-LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY R... read more
Pendulum How To Scry 1 History and Varied Uses Of A Pendulum - Christin... read more
Pendulum How To Scry 2 Pendulum - How To Scry - Christine Cameron Once y... read more
Pendulum How To Scry 3 Pendulum Method - Christine Cameron www.gypsykall... read more
PERSONAL SPACE CLEARING Especially for professional healers, it is extreme... read more
Prosperity 1 Business and Spirituality – The Path to Pr... read more
Reiki workshops - Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Master )   Level 1 Reiki One day workshop teaching y... read more
Relaxing the mind with Conscious Breathing It is through the Conscious Breath that we are tru... read more
Remembering Past lives to Heal the Present REMEMBERING PAST-LIVES - TO HEAL YOUR PRESENT LI... read more
SOME SPIRITUAL LAWS OF LIFE THE LAW OF GRATITUDEHeartfelt gratitude is a key t... read more
Sound Healing Sound Healing It has only been over the last ye... read more
Spiritual Growth The Feeding of Spiritual Food for our Spiritual ... read more
The Astral Body The Astral Body - Taken from CW Leadbeater's book,... read more
The Importance of Having Trust and Faith. Trusting is Believing that something will happen b... read more
The Importance of Relaxation The Importance of Relaxation. We need to relax to... read more
The Mysteries of Dreaming Well: Sacred Dream Initiation Welcome – dreamers, seekers and explorers ... read more
The Spiritual Body Understanding the Spiritual Body As spiritual b... read more
Tools to enhance your Spiritual Awakening There are many ways to open up the path to your sp... read more
Vibrational Healing and Tips to Raise Your Vibration What is Vibrational Healing? Every one of us ha... read more
What is Core Essence? What is Core Essence? We think that the ultimate ... read more
What is the Essence of the Divine Feminine What is the Essence of the Divine Feminine? Ess... read more
When Your Life Falls Apart (As Mine Did) That phone call. 3:00pm Sunday 23 February 2014. M... read more
Who Am I? I AM THAT I AM   I AM not the body. T... read more