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Kindness Project

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Article by Dieter Luske

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The useNature Kindness Project likes to encourage you and the whole wide world to participate in "Sharing Kindness", or what often is called "Random Acts of Kindness".

I always loved the idea of everyone supporting at least one person, or making one person happy, with the result of the world becoming one Big Happy Place. So busy making each other happy, that there wouldn't be any time for all the other nonsense, like wars.

Obviously, that sounds really naive, child like even... yes, I know, but what the heck, what's wrong with that. Actually, I think naivety could be a new philosophy. After all, naive doesn't mean something negative, it's only sometimes portrait as something negative. But come to think of it, naive for me at least, means, having a fresh new look, which is really positive. I think, one has to be naive to some extent, in order to give peace a chance.

We all can sit here on our comfortable couches and hope for the world to become a more caring, supportive, kind and peaceful place, or we can actually do something about it.

Speaking of hope, it is a rather passive state of being, a passive emotion. One starts hoping once everything else has failed. You hope for something when you have no control and are totally powerless, such as winning the lottery, nothing much else you can do.
Hope may not be the right emotion to have if it comes to peace or to share more kindness, as it just means doing nothing.
Instead of hoping,  we could anticipate, which is a more active emotion, and may propel you into action, to actually do something in support of your fellow human being.

What can we do?
Sharing kindness deliberately; I am sure you are kind already, but now do it, deliberate, think of what acts of kindness you can share. Think, of how you can support something or someone.

Where do we start?
Start within your own family, your close environment, neighbourhood, and slowly branch out. You probably find, there is enough for you to support right around you. You may want to support someone directly, become a volunteer in your community, or do a random act of kindness.

What is a random act of Kindness?
It's the kind of kindness you come up with spontaneously, without planning or contemplating or even checking: "what's in it for me". it should be a selfless act of kindness or support. You see something, and you respond in kindness, like someone is  short of cash on a cash-register, you simply could pay. If you are strapped for cash yourself, it may be another action,  maybe lend a hand somewhere, just help - support, and move on.

Be sensitive to needs.

Giving support and kindness may not be always easy. Even with something seemingly positive, one may get it totally wrong.
Sharing Kindness needs to be done with awareness and sensitivity. One easily can offend someone by giving something which is not asked for.
Luckily we do have have a huge community of volunteers, you always could offer your help as a volunteer. That way you make sure you support where support is needed.

UseNature's Kindness project

We would like to do our bid by sharing kindness ourself.

We will to support anyone who shares kindness without personal profit.

Here are a number of ways we like to offer our support and share kindness:

  1. We will provide "Free of Charge" to anyone who has a message of kindness web-sites - articles - ideas - practicle suggestions,
    This will allow you to create a listing on our directory - a profile page and article pages, all which need to be used to bring awareness to Kindness -  Support & Peace.
    You may nominate your own type of human or global support, as long as it is a non for Profit kind of category.

  2. Share your Ideas, Stories and Experiences - articles will be featured on our home page >
  3. Nominate your favourite web-site or organisation to be listed on our " Share Kindness" Page ..
  4. Apply directly to me, for your FREE Kindness Listing Account here >>

    * If you have an account with useNature already, we allow a second account, which you will need to establish with a different e-mail address.

  5. OR ... SIMPLY PLACE A COMMENT WITH YOUR >>  ideas of acts of kindness, or kindness which have been received

Thank you for your participation,

Kind Regards, Dieter L. useNature - Editor
... always be up-to-date, join us on

Support Kindness  - Web-sites and non for profit organisations:

  1. UseNature's Kindness
  2. Free Ripple Kindness Cards

  3. nominate more ...


8 Feb 2011

Last Update: 25 Jan 2012

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.