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Healing Stress

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Article by Lida van den Berg

You are able to access healing

Everyone at some stage in life experiences stress. The kind that seems like it has a life of its own. Sleep is interrupted for weeks at a time which contributes to sudden mood changes. Under stress the mind becomes less orderly or focused making the simplest task almost impossible. Relationships become strained and there may also be a tendancy to withdraw from social contact. Over-eating or loss of appetite too, are symptoms of stress. If left unattended stress will lead to physical or mental illness. Phobias such as a fear of being out in public or claustrophobia are only a couple of mental conditions that may be caused by stress. Untreated stress can lead to addictions to food, alcohol and mind altering substance.

When symptoms first appear you might try to distract from the sensations which will work at first until you are still such as when it is time to sleep, the symptoms then re-emerge. The focus tends to be more on the discomfort rather than on the cause. Perhaps there was a relationship breakdown, either primary or work related, or there was a death of a loved one some months past. Any sudden shock will also trigger stress related symptoms. The symptoms of stress may not be evident for many months or years after the fact. Only when you seek out the cause for the stress will you gain some insight.

A method that will bring some benefits is self healing. Not too complicated but it is surprising how much the human will resist healing that which is in discordance. The following method is gentle and nurturing.

Self Healing Method is perhaps best performed whilst lying down prior to sleep. It can be performed when on the beach or in nature. Once you are in a comfortable position take some time to relax your breath. Slow, rythmic and natural breaths. Allow 5 minutes for the breath to find its own rhythm. Notice where there is tension such as the jaw, neck or shoulders and allow time for the tensions to be eased. Now place one hand on your chest and the other on either your midriff or abdomen. Gently holding this position for a few minutes imagining peace for yourself. If difficult to imagine then draw on a memory where you were at peace. If highly stressed you will find this method very difficult. In this case commit to only two to three minutes.

Self Healing in all situations can be performed by discretely placing hands on chest or abdomen and breathing slowly and naturally. In the office, on a construction site, in the classroom or any location where you may find stress is overwhelming. Experiment with this method and you will find ways to self heal without any one knowing what you are doing...unless of course that they too practice this method.

Healing stress can be complicated and it is recommended that professional assistance is required should symptoms be prolonged. There is no need to suffer stress in silence as there are numerous options for healing stress. Sometimes the hardest course of action is to take a step. The first step toward healing is powerful with each following step will contributing to easing and releasing stress related conditions. 

14 Feb 2012

Last Update: 29 Jul 2013

Article/Information supplied by Lida van den Berg

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.