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Wealth and the Law of Karma

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Article by Midnight Psychic

Wealth and the law of Karma

Money, we all want it, and more of it.

We can never get too much of the stuff.

There are just a few sure ways to increase your finances or stay in the space of ‘not enough.’

It also doesn’t come from the paycheck or other person ‘if only I got this then I’d be ok”

Wealth begins with your attitude

Believing there is enough for all to go around and there is.

To alter the attitude from being miserly to giving and abundant.

Money is only energy, similar to love - if you chase it, it becomes elusive.

If you are content with what you have and some gratitude, then we receive more.

We can also receive more by giving it away.

By donating to charities you believe are worthy of your money. Not simply for the sake of getting money back. Donate maybe once a month.

If you give it away, it will come back tenfold.

Ask any business person who makes over $100, 00.00

That person I guarantee, gives to worthy causes, and has a prosperous attitude.

If you give $5.00 with love, then that is what will return abundantly.

Give what you can give.

When we believe in our value of services and goods and what we are contributing to others, mentally, emotionally spiritually. Then others will also, and the flow of abundance in all forms begins to attract itself to you.

Self employed business people are part of this trust of abundance with the universe and inner self. No longer looking to ‘the man’ for payment from a pay cheque, but really believing that the universe is our source of income and money. Not people, places or things. That the universe will provide always has and will. Self employed people are face with this more often, than those with a paycheck. The test of faith is more apt.

Alternatively there even is the issue of having too much money, as you keep giving it, it keeps coming back double, but that’s another spin on wealth.

This way it’s where you can utilise the money to help others, such as charities or foundations. Or allow yourself to have excess money without needing to use it.

Use this mantra” It’s ok to have more than I need” it really is.

Most people spend what they have, not matter how large or small.

So create more wealth, by being grateful for the little things you have money cant buy, your daughters smile, your colleagues, your clients, your home and food you have all the basic needs. Your lovely home. Your health, your intelligence, your forgiveness.

Anything about you that is a positive.

The other level is that wealth is more than just thinking good thoughts, in fact it’s really identifying underlying beliefs we hold.

The beliefs we grew up with around our parents their messages they instilled in us sub-consciously.

It’s not our conscious mind that creates our money lack/abundance –it’s really our beliefs that we hold within.

So as an example one person knows they want a pay rise ‘I want a pay rise this year and I am going t o get it from my boss’ they say with enthusiasm.

However, If we ask this person ‘do you really, truly believe you can have it and are worthy of this pay rise”? 

We may find after some gentle questions about this desire, the answer may likely to be no’.

Now that is a very general example, but there are many parts within us creating the abundance or preventing it.

Wanting and allowing are two different elements.

Overall keep this very simple. By identifying your attitude and beliefs around money, and applying some laws of attraction, you could very easily alter your energy regarding money, when it comes to receiving and giving abundance in all areas of your life.

Wealth comes to those who believe, and have a generous spirit to match also, and in that is desire to give of oneself, time, experience, and kindness.

It begins within.

Abundance to you.

*If you would like a session or reading with me about your financial or abundance beliefs or assist in helping clear them. Call to arrange your personal consult.


7 Aug 2011

Last Update: 24 Apr 2015

Article/Information supplied by Midnight Psychic

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.