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Meditation Course

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Article by Dieter Luske

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Meditation Course

... or the Benefits of Meditation


Meditation has become an excepted practice but it hasn't been always like that..

I think it helped when the Beatles went to India to study Transcendental Meditation. Meditation became an instant hit.

Most forms of Meditation are easy to learn, and like everything, practice will make you better. It takes up only a little bit of time and offers infinitely more than watching television :-)

Meditators come from all walks of life, yet their claims for meditation are all similar:
general better health, enhanced self-esteem, improved personal relationships, greater job satisfaction, more creativity and clearer thought processes and above all, and virtually unanimously — much less stress in their daily lives.

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Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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12 Apr 2011

Last Update: 3 Apr 2018

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

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