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Lifestyle Guru

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Article by Dieter Luske

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Lifestyle Guru

Lifestyle Gurus  advise people on how they can make themselves happier, healthier and fitter through changes in their lifestyle.

Lifestyle gurus come in many variation, and virtually anyone could use their expertise in one field or the other to call themselves a Lifestyle Guru.

UseNature in a way is about lifestyle gurus as well. We do promote a health and a happy lifestyle, concentrating on Natural Therapies, Spirituality, a Peaceful Mind and a Creative Lifestyle.

However, these days, everyone claims to be a Lifestyle Guru including people who tell you, which clothes are fashionable, which hobbies are trendy  and what therapy is in vogue, which has led to many people and celebrities taking up yoga,  feng shui, drinking wheatgrass, eating tofu.

Is this a good thing?

It can be, but as far as advice goes, one has to take it without losing ones responsibility to create ones own lifestyle.

By itself a Guru of any kind is neither good or bad, it's all up to you and if a Lifestyle Guru can help you to achieve your goals.

Within our useNature Directory - you will not find a classfication or category called Lifestyle Guru, you will find experts in Natural Therapies and Complemantary Medicine as well as Holistic Doctors - Dentists and Psychologist.

Some of those practitioners may call themselves Guru, but this is simply used as a business term to highlight one specific area of their practice.

If you look for a Lifestyle Guru - simply pick a category from the useNature  directory which represents your quest.

Talking about Lifestyle Guru's ...

you need to read "Any Guru Will Do", by Phil Brown

Phil Brown's life has been one long existential crisis. His path to enlightenment has been uphill - think of climbing Everest with a colonic irrigation or two along the way.

After trying doggedly to discover God through poetry, Phil dips his toes into a variety of experiences, including a doomed 'holiday' at a health farm - which he runs away from - mail-order Catholicism, a ritual Egyptian dance workshop, analysis, psychic surgery and an ill-fated group-therapy session.

With a cast of curious characters including the saffron-turbaned Dadaji, the poet Les Murray and the priest who stopped taking his calls - not to mention Phil himself - this hilarious book will have you doubled up with laughter.

Settle yourself into the lotus position, grab a cup of peppermint tea and enjoy the ride.

See Phil's web-site : Phil Brown - Any Guru Will Do

I do recommend this book ... it's the book for the month .. cheers Dieter L. - Editor

Whenever someone mentions Gurus ... one also thinks of Meditation -

For free information and many different techniques on Meditation click > Meditation Course

... similar, Yoga comes to mind ... to find a class or teacher ... click > YOGA


27 Mar 2011

Last Update: 25 Jan 2012

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.