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Crystal Healing Stones

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Article by Rebecca De Carlo

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Crystal Healing Stones:

10 Crystals For Healing For Beginners

There are now, a plethora of crystals and minerals for healing available for us to use. With 12 main chakras, 7 chakras within our physical body and 5 main chakras outside our physical making up our etheric bodies, selecting only ten (10) crystals is actually not easy. Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Selenite, Seraphinite, Sugilite, Smoky Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Larimar, Kyanite and Calcite are the 10 healing crystals that I would start with in a healing kit.

Clear Quartz because it is the most versatile, it is pure white light containing all the other colours within it. Its nature is to store and amplify energy, so you can programme it to work with your intent (in this case, healing).

Kyanite effortless aligns your etheric bodies taking you from scattered to centered, without you having to consciously do anything. It just snaps all of you back into place so you can quickly integrate and get back to living.

Selenite is an amazing white light that creates a 2 way flow through your energetic bodies. It has the ability to release blocks within your field and heal the body at a cellular level, plus it charges up the other stones.

Seraphinite eliminates toxins from your physical body, clearing meridians and your aura. Its pure energy regenerates your cells and can provide pain relief. It is great for vitamin absorption. It brings insight as to your current situation and how to create the changes you want.

Sugilite increases healing energies bringing balance, by cleansing, strengthening and extending the aura. A great stone for relieving headaches and pain, especially Sugilite with Manganese in it.

Smoky Quartz dissolves negative energy, releasing blocks and tension allowing us insight into why they formed. It is great for balance on all levels and then to ground the higher frequencies in the body.

Rhodochrosite works to create platforms for us to live a life filled with love and balance. It purifies, releases and transforms. It can prevent sickness by working with the energy of love, which in turn purifies our physical.

Larimar works to purify in a gentle, yet powerful and supportive way to let go of the old and embrace the new. It works through all levels of our energetic bodies, right down to the cellular level anchoring the healing energies.

Lepidolite makes us conscious of our own energetic nature. In times of change it is a powerful stress reliever that dissolves our old stories. When we are tense we restrict the amount of energy flowing through us, Lepidolite relaxes us by balancing our emotions so we can flow again.

Calcite magnifies its energy, allowing our chakras to be purified and fully functional. It resonates at a frequency of our Divine perfection and sends this into our energetic bodies for us to harmonise with.


13 Oct 2010

Last Update: 26 Sep 2015

Article/Information supplied by Rebecca De Carlo

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.