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How to Expand Your Energy

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Article by Michelle Mayur

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Notice how you feel when you are depressed, disappointed, feeling hopeless, grieving or broken-hearted. Hopefully these feelings don't occur too often for you, but when they do you will become aware of how contracted and constricted you feel in your heart and overall energy field. It is almost as it you shrink into yourself and withdraw from the world. A contracted energy field equals lowered physical energy and overall vitality.
Just at a point in time when you could really do with some love and support, your contracting energy field is likely to get the opposite result - a feeling of intense loneliness.
Don't get me wrong, it is normal and healthy to experience a full range of emotions as they arise, good and bad. The difference is that, unlike children who can be angry one minute and then playing happily the next, many adults tend to get stuck in their emotions and subconsciously struggle to expand their constricted energy field again.
Now just stop and think of something really beautiful or that makes you happy and notice how instantly you feel your heart, chest and overall energy field expanding.
If you are not sure what your energy field is, it is the electromagnetic field around your body, popularly termed the aura. Certain sensitive people may be able to see the shimmering energy field around someone, just by looking at that person with 'sleepy' slightly defocused eyes. Most of us can't actually see our energy field, yet we sense it is there and we intuitively know whether it is expanded or contracted by how we feel.

Try this interesting exercise:
•Find a quiet place to meditate
•Close your eyes and tune in to how far away from your body you sense the boundary of your energy field (a bit like an invisible wall, commonly up to about 1 metre from your physical body)
•Have the intention to consciously expand your energy field and its boundary to fill the room, as you breathe deeply.
•Continue consciously expanding your energy field in sequential steps in the following order: throughout the building you are in; across 1 km or mile; around the suburb / town; across the state; across the country and around the world.
•You will have a wonderfully expanded sense of awareness and are now a vibrational match for that which you seek
•Have the intention to now draw to you vibrationally those people and events that will help you reach your full potential.
•Stay in this wonderfully empowering expanded energy state for as long as you want as you go about your daily activities
•Ideally, with practice, holding this expanded energy field will become your natural way of being.

Just being aware of and participating in some of the following things that naturally expand your energy field will assist in this process:
•Spending time in nature
•Playing with animals and children
•Letting go of emotional baggage
•Reclaiming your power
•Forgiving yourself and/or others
•Honouring and nurturing yourself
•Making playtime a regular part of your life
•Laughing out loud
•Listening to beautiful music
•Having prosperity consciousness
•Making lifestyle changes to address stresses and frustrations
•Being content with what you already have materially
•Working in whatever nourishes you at a soul level

Of course, if you avoid doing most of the above, you are likely to feel devitalised with a constricted, contracted energy field, cut off from reaching your full potential either personally or professionally.
Take these first steps today to living in expanded energy and awareness.


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9 Oct 2010

Article/Information supplied by Michelle Mayur

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.