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Being Put To The Test

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Article by Julianna Suranyi

There is no time more important to know who you are, what you are doing with your life and who will benefit from your choices than when you are put to the test. The ‘test’ can come at any moment or from any person or situation and your reaction to it can determine not just the rest of your day, but the way you perceive yourself from that point on.

As a big believer in practicing what I preach I will share one of my recent tests with you and the steps you can take to manage any testing situation with integrity and strength.

I recently had some great media coverage in a magazine article about my work which resulted in several more media interviews with radio stations. All of them were great except for one station, whose hosts had decided to be rude and crass in the name of “shock jock ratings”. In essence, they had chosen to ignore and belittle my expertise for cheap laughs, despite reading the magazine article and contacting the magazine to interview me. In addition, and highly offensively, they chose to treat their audience with zero intelligence at my expense.

In spite of my shock I continued the interview due to my level of professionalism and while I was doing so, I automatically started saying to myself: you are strong, you are proud, you are more than capable. You were put into this world to introduce to humans the simple beauty of their Spirit Guides and to be a conduit of information, intelligence, grace and support between the human world and the Spirit world. You will do this with dignity, patience, professionalism and tolerance of those who choose to mock what they cannot see, what they cannot understand, what seems stupid to their world. You will always do this with humour, professionalism and directness.

It really was a test for me to not hang up on them in disgust. So why am I sharing this with you?

Because your knowledge of yourself and your Mantras come into effect when you are under pressure, just as mine did. I could have told the hosts to get lost (and more, but I’m a lady) - and been within my rights as a person to do so based on the language and insults they handed me over the 15 minute conversation. Instead I remembered:

  • Who I am,
  • How I choose to conduct myself,
  • Why I ‘do’ me and my charter; and
  • Who will benefit from this.

What this means for you is: when you’re in trouble your lessons will come back. When you implement them there can only be a win for you, your learning and your development!

If you are always true and transparent in your actions, you can always be sure in what you do. You can’t control other people’s behaviour or perceptions of you, but you can control yourself and stick to your standards of professionalism, truth and self in the most testing of challenges.

Write down answers to these key questions:

  • Who are you?
  • How do you choose to conduct yourself?
  • What makes you unique to ‘do’ you? (‘do’ is active, ‘be’ is passive)
  • Who will benefit from your choices?

By taking these key steps to identify and define yourself and create a Mantra, you will always be armed with the knowledge of your truth and have confidence in managing yourself.

In the end, the radio hosts apologised profusely once their actions and professionalism were justifiably questioned and they edited the interview to sound funny, intelligent, informative and interesting – just what good radio is all about!

Remember who you are, why you have made your choices and who will benefit when you are next put to the test and you will pass with the highest approval – your own.

1 Oct 2010

Article/Information supplied by Julianna Suranyi

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.