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Positive Affiirmations App

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Article by Paul Wezenbeek

Spiri-apps, apps for spiritual growth Profile | Email | Website
Apps for mobile phones and tablets for spiritual growth and spiritual help. No fancy sounds or high tech applications, but apps that will truly offer something to help you on your way. It is you, not the app whom asks for help in love and respect, or uses the affirmations. I wish you much pleasure in the usage of these spiritual apps! Info: Muiderberg

Positive Affirmations App

Making positive changes in your life by using powerful, positive affirmations.

This app is in English and Dutch

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You are welcome to download Positive Affirmations App with 67 life situations/processes with belonging affirmations. This app has no ads. The app costs 0,89 euro:

Positive Affirmations App: Android Google play store

Positive Affirmations App: Apple iTunes store

Positive Affirmations App: Windows Phone store

Positive Affirmations App

Affirmations are positive phrases that you can repeat out loud regularly. You use these phrases to achieve a goal or to change a conviction. By repeating an affirmation regularly out loud, you are trying to program your subconscious mind. If we know that the subconscious mind has the ability to take everything as being the truth, it is important you are aware of what you tell yourself and what you think about every day. If you tell yourself negative things, for example “You can’t do anything right”, you will see that things will work out this way in reality as well. If you are now aware of the fact that affirmations can work in a negative way, then they must obviously work in a positive way as well. Often, we do not realize how regularly we say negative things to ourselves, and what these things are. In most cases, this is due to our old habits, fear, low self-esteem, insecurity or other causes.

It is important to repeat these phrases often, but how often is completely up to you. It is recommended that you at least try to do it every day and regularly. In this app, you can find three powerful positive affirmations for each situation you want to make changes for. You are always allowed to repeat one phrase or all three of them. That does not matter much.

This app contains 67 situations that could apply to you and you would possibly want to change. It also clearly describes how to optimally use affirmations. Just saying a sentence is not enough. If you want to spend time and energy in affirmations, you might as well do it optimally.

Have fun and I wish you good luck with this app.

Paul Wezenbeek

Spiri-apps, spiritual apps

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28 Jul 2014

Last Update: 30 Jul 2014

Article/Information supplied by Paul Wezenbeek

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