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Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

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Article by Fara Curlewis

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Vision Training in Brisbane 27th & 28th Sept 2014

Leo Angart, International expert on Vision Training and author of two books is offering a 2 day workshop 'Improve Your Eyesight Naturally' in Brisbane- Sept 27th & 28th.

Leo is the author of 'Improve Your Eyesight Naturally' & his new book with DVD is 'Read Again Without Glasses' 

For more information & book reviews see: 

Regaining your eyesight naturally - is it possible ?

It may seem incredible even down right unbelievable that you can actually regain your natural clear eyesight by vision training. Yet more and more people are benefiting from vision training approaches that do not involve any expensive equipment nor any invasive procedures.

The common vision problems such as near-sight, far-sight, astigmatism, the need for reading glasses are to a large extent influenced by external factors. Simply, we are using our eyes too much and develop chronic strain. Studies done by American psychiatrist Dr. Bennet Brown with Multiple Personality patients show dramatic, objective and measurable, changes in the curvature of the cornea, pressure in the eyes and other physiological changes that are not supposed to be possible. The Mind-Body connection is capable of amazing things, including natural clear eyesight.

What is vision training?

Vision Training is based on the presupposition that clear vision is the natural state, and aim to restore your complete natural clear vision via simple exercises. There are four main principles involved in Vision Training.

Belief and emotions - believing that it is possible for you to have control over your eyes and restore your vision to normal. In a few cases there are emotional issues that need to be resolved before rapid vision improvement is possible.

Physical training of the eye-muscles - when you wear glasses your eyes will automatically adjust to the lenses you wear. In other words your eyes are forced to be the way they were at the time you had your eyes tested. The lenses do virtually all the focusing leading to loss of strength in your eye-muscles.

Relaxation—natural clear eyesight is effortless. Many of our vision problems are due to functional factors such as constant focus on near work. Like looking at a computer screen for 10 hours a day leads to chronic tension in the visual system. To regain natural clear vision you need to learn to relax your eyes.

Energy flow - especially with high degree of myopia there is an apparent lack of energy in the eyes. Myopic eyes are like a car with a low batter they can barely function with no energy left to regain the natural eyesight.

Exercise or relaxation alone will have an effect, but the real progress comes when all four of the above principles are taken into consideration.

For information contact Fara Curlewis mob: 0418 217 193 or 

30 Apr 2014

Article/Information supplied by Fara Curlewis

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.