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Top Ten Reasons to Meditate

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Article by Blue Banyan Meditation Products

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There are many reasons why men and women make time in their busy lives to meditate. For some people, it is an essential part of their spiritual practice. For others, there may be a desire for quiet time to confront a personal problem. Here are the top ten reasons to meditate:

Stress Reduction

The simple act of meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels in the body. Including the practice of meditation, either at the beginning or the end of the day, helps an individual's overall health by reducing the likelihood of getting an illness that is stress-induced, including heart disease and high blood pressure.


Meditation is much more effective at helping an individual feel relaxed, calm and centered within themselves than enjoying some external stimulant, such as a cocktail or even a hot bath. Meditation is the most effective relaxation technique because it serves to immediately calm what's known as the monkey mind, filled with conflicting negative thoughts, so that a person can return to awareness in his world after his meditation practice with a renewed sense of serenity.

Increased Understanding

Many people struggle along in their relationships with others because they cannot get into the mindset of what is motivating other people with whom they may have disagreements. Meditation is an excellent way to encourage the mind to develop new insights and go beyond learned behaviors, biases and opinions in order to better understand other viewpoints without anger or agitation.

Improved Concentration

Life in the 21st century is filled with many distractions, causing most people to lose their ability to really and fully concentrate. Because meditation helps to clear negative thinking patterns from the mental process, individuals who meditate regularly find that they are better able to focus on the task at hand, focus on positive outcomes and realize the achievement of what they say they want from their goals.

Stronger Immunity

Research has proven that individuals who include meditation as part of their daily routine experience far fewer sick days. This is because meditation serves to enhance the body's overall immune response that prevents the physical and emotional conditions that tend to attract disease and illness.

Increased Energy

Meditation helps a person to feel more alive, more energetic and to express more interest and enthusiasm in life, even during challenging and stressful periods. Scientific research has shown that people who meditate actually age more slowly than their counterparts who do not in addition to heightening the senses, including vision and hearing.

Improved Intuition

Meditation helps individuals by allowing them to better access that deep, still inner voice known as intuition by quieting the mind from incessant negative chatter. People who can listen to their intuition tend to make better and more effective decisions about their life and the choices open to them.

Enhanced Mental Abilities

People who want to be able to think clearly and draw upon all the potential of their brain power choose meditation. Meditation encourages healthy brain functioning by promoting healthy cell growth in the brain's cortex, that part of the brain involved in both the process of thinking as well as taking action.


One of the functions of meditation is to help remove the illusion of limitation from the human mind, enabling an individual to experience more prosperity at all levels of life. Individuals benefit from meditation by feeling more kinship with all other beings, enhancing the relationships that lead to good opportunities and feelings of sufficiency and abundance.

Self Realization

People turn to meditation in order to answer one of the most often asked questions, who am I? Meditation helps to lift practitioners from the mundane hum-drum of the material world to see their lives from a spiritual perspective that is limitless, full of possibilities and best of all, meaningful.

28 Aug 2013

Article/Information supplied by Blue Banyan Meditation Products

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