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Great Meditations of the World - Part 3

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Article by Blue Banyan Meditation Products

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There is no history of Wiccan meditation in the classic sense of sitting in one place and using the mind to quietly evolve spiritually. With that said, Wicca is a vibrant and growing religion that incorporates nearly every faith and tradition to create an Earth-based, Nature-centred belief system.

This meditation is unique, in that it has been created for this series. It is based on decades of study of Wicca, the 'Occult' and meditation. It is designed to give the practicing Wiccan a meditation experience similar to traditional Buddhist types of meditation, using the symbolism and language of Wicca.


Wicca is very experiential and contextual. In order for the complete experience, it is always best to be outside. A quiet corner of the yard, on a park or sitting in a garden is perfect. During the day or on a clear night is perfect.

If that's not possible, you will want a few things:

  • a small bowl of fresh soil, preferably freshly dug up
  • a small bowl of water, preferably from a river or lake
  • a small candle and something to light it with
  • someplace comfortable to sit

If you can sit in a lotus position, great. Otherwise, sit on the floor or on a straight-backed chair.


Clear the space and your mind by taking three deep breaths. With each breath, inhale the clean and beautiful perfection that is our world. With each exhale, expel the negative and stress that you are harbouring. Don't worry; the Earth can take it.


Place your hands, palms down on the ground. Centre yourself, feeling the weight of the Earth pulling you toward the centre, holding you on Her surface.

The Elements

Either feel the soil under your hands or touch the soil in the bowl and contemplate the importance of soil in your life. To grow food, to walk upon, to build our homes upon and out of. Let this understanding permeate your body and mind for five minutes. Feel the soil in your hand as well as in your body. Know that you too are made of soil.

Inhale and exhale three times and begin chanting, "Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana, Pan, Wotan, Baphomet, Cernunnos, Osiris". Customarily you would focus on the words. This time focus on the breath, on the air that you breathe in and out. Feel the cool air enter your lungs and the warmed air pass over your lips. Experience the air of life.

Feel the water that in the grass on the ground or in the bowl. Think about the importance of water for all life on Earth. Consider the different forms that water takes in the World and the powerful force that it is. Do this for five minutes as you contemplate the water.

If you are outside, feel the Sun on your face or look at the light of the Moon. If you are using the candle, light it and look at the light and feel the heat of the flame. Think of the transformational power of fire. How the Sun is a giant ball of fire that could burn everything, but gives everything life. Think about how the Moon is the Sun's mirror, bringing us the safe light of night to live by. Your candle is this power in miniature. Take five minutes to consider the creative and destructive power of fire.

The Totality

Take five minutes to consider the interplay of all of these things. How water can douse fire, but fire can make water float into the air. How the soil if heated by fire to become a liquid, but can be cooled by the air to an even harder stone. How the air plays around everything, carrying water, earth and even fire from place to place. Think of the interplay of the elements and how all life depends on that interplay for its existence. Do this for five minutes.

End your meditation by sharing your insight and the profound merit it brings to you with the Earth, the Air, the Fire and the Water. Share your insights with all of the Creatures of the Earth, seen and unseen. Do this sharing by sending your mind around the world to share what you feel, leaving small pieces of your energy to help the plants, creatures and the Earth itself grow.


Once again, this is a Wiccan mediation based on traditional meditation techniques of the world. It might not be one the world's great meditations, but it is based on several of them.

Blessed Be.

2 Jun 2013

Article/Information supplied by Blue Banyan Meditation Products

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