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'Overcoming' Distractions 'Overcoming' Distractions Distractions while medi... read more
10 Steps To Aging Really Quickly 10 Steps To Aging Really Quickly 1. Frown and... read more
6 Signs You are Undervaluing Yourself 6 Signs You are Undervaluing Yourself and What Y... read more
A Simple Guide to Meditation Meditation is merely a word. To understand the med... read more
Addiction, The price we pay. Addiction is a disease with very far reaching... read more
Addictive Conditioning Triggers and Preconditioned behaviors. “C... read more
Analytical Meditation What is analytical meditation? How is it practiced... read more
Are You Relocating or Running Away?   Psychic profiler Julianna Suranyi explores... read more
Be Your Inspiration We can all recall a time where we felt completely... read more
Being Put To The Test There is no time more important to know who you ar... read more
Bliss I sat among the flowers and prayed,My emotions fil... read more
Breaking Through Barriers How often have you procrastinated about starting s... read more
Changing Daily Habits Changing Daily Habits Where we will be in 10 ye... read more
Concentrative Meditation Concentrative meditation is the most common medi... read more
Coping with Christmas Coping with Christmas and the Fear Season When yo... read more
Counteracting Stress with Meditation and Yoga - Part 1 Modern life is full of balancing work and home dut... read more
Crystal Healing Stones Crystal Healing Stones: 10 Crystals For Healing... read more
Crystals For Cancer Crystals For Cancer: Find Out Which Healing Crysta... read more
Donít Give Up on Your Dreams Early last year my daughter handed a $10 note back... read more
Eft and A Novel Approach Let me share a powerful technique I have found for... read more
Enneagram - a Spiritual Path to Essence SPIRITUAL DIRECTION USING THE ENNEAGRAM.The enneag... read more
Feelings we all have Them. Feelings are a beautiful part of who we are yet we... read more
For the love of tears...crying as a form of self-healing (Palmistry) Recently I've been feeling in dire need of a cry. ... read more
Great Meditations of the World - Part 1 There are millions of prayers, meditations, sutras... read more
Great Meditations of the World - Part 2 Quakers, Jesus, the Dalia Lama and don Juan What ... read more
Great Meditations of the World - Part 3 There is no history of Wiccan meditation in the cl... read more
Great Meditations of the World - Part 4 Great Meditations of the World - Part 4 Walking... read more
Great Meditations Of The World - Part 5 Sounds like the name of some esoteric rock band, b... read more
Healing Stress You are able to access healing Everyone at some... read more
How Can You Reach Your Highest Potential? 4 Lifestyle Changes for Achieving your Highest Pot... read more
How to Expand Your Energy Notice how you feel when you are depressed, disapp... read more
How To Manage Criticism How To Manage Criticism Nobody likes being crit... read more
How to manifest abundance Within the healing tranquillity of Anahata Th... read more
Improve Your Eyesight Naturally Improve Your Eyesight Naturally Vision Training... read more
It's All in the Heart It’s always been about the heart for me. And... read more
Itís Raining Rei The pre-1940s version of the kanji of Rei shows th... read more
Life's Happiness Fill your life with Love and Happiness Would yo... read more
Living with Purpose Living with Purpose Moving in a positive direct... read more
Mandalas a Reflection of Self Mandalas a Reflection of Self Mandalas have bee... read more
Meditation - When is the best time?   “You should meditate in the morning ... read more
Meditation Course Meditation Course ... or the Benefits of Medita... read more
Meditation made easy! Stress Management - Meditation   Discover... read more
Meditation. Part 1: What is Meditation? Meditation Part 1: What is Meditation The idea... read more
Meditation. Part 2: Benefits of Meditation Meditation Part 2: Benefits of Meditation Modern... read more
Meditation. Part 3: Types of Meditation Silence the mind, or defocus and let it spin. Care... read more
Meditation. Part 4: Practicing Medtitation The idea of meditation as a retraining of the atte... read more
Meditation. Part 5: Summary Westerners are in the process of adopting meditati... read more
Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness meditation is ... read more
New consciousness shift- New You! It’s time to make your life about you. To... read more
Passive acceptance? Why Doing Nothing About a Problem Person Can be Yo... read more
Positive Affiirmations App Positive Affirmations App Making positive chang... read more
Primordial Lineage February 22, 2009 | by Rebecca Holton Lineage in ... read more
Reiki Mantras and Symbols How to use Mantras and Symbols in the system of ... read more
Researching the system of Reiki and the Lotus Sutra It is said that Mikao Usui (the founder of the sys... read more
Screw the Law of Attraction - it doesn't work! Pardon my French, but that's how most people feel ... read more
Self Hypnosis - How you have the power Benefit from the practice of self hypnosis. Put an... read more
Spiritual apps I am Paul Wezenbeek from The Netherlands and I dev... read more
The Benefits of Mindfulness and Guided Meditation for Children and Adults Alike Up until recent times, meditation was considered b... read more
The Deeper Meaning of Hara Take for example the Japanese phrase hara o waru; ... read more
The Table of Twelve   Recently I was blessed with taking a... read more
The Title of Reiki Master and the Precepts The Title of Reiki Master and the Precepts The ... read more
Top Ten Reasons to Meditate There are many reasons why men and women make time... read more
Was Mikao Usui a Shugenja? Was Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki... read more
Wealth and the Law of Karma Wealth and the law of Karma Money, we all want ... read more
Wellness - Week 1 Wellness Part 1: Improving well-being through hea... read more
Wellness - Week 2 Part 1: Improving well-being through healthy eatin... read more
Where are Angels Where are Angels?   What do Angels mean t... read more
Why Do I Still Feel Stuck? How many times have you said to yourself, &ldquo... read more
Winners Embrace Change Why Life Winners Emerge From The Biggest Losers ... read more
Winter Rescue Days are getting shorter and colder and with them ... read more
You Are More than what You Hold Onto Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to ... read more
Your Mountain Cave - Creating a Meditation Space For most of us, probably everyone reading an art... read more