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11:11 Myths Versus Facts Want to know what 11:11 really means? It's so much... read more
21st Century Goddess 21st Century Goddess Being a goddess still mean... read more
Ask and you shall receive! We are all spiritual beings. Every one of us. We... read more
Atlantis revisited - True Eden? Atlantis revisited - True Eden? Jill Mattson It ... read more
Celebrity, Royal and Political Psychic Predictions For 2011 As a professional psychic and intuitive profiler, ... read more
Curses- Don't be damned - An "Elephant in the loungeroom" topic   This subject is a bit of a taboo generally... read more
Delivering Intuition vs Logic in Psychic Readings   In my experience, if a psychic reading res... read more
Do You See 11:11? It's Because You Come From Heaven 11:11 is a reminder that you come from Heaven. All... read more
Fated Love   Fated Love Fated connections are when on... read more
From One Shift to Another From one article to the next there is, and has bee... read more
Honoring A Mothers Life - Grieving Loss of Loved One How do you honor a spiritual life when you are cop... read more
How to get a good psychic / medium/ spiritual reading What you can do to get a good psychic / medium/ ... read more
Intuitive Tarot Course Journeying into the Major Arcana with Dianne Ward... read more
Kelly Isara spiritual combo session What is Isaras spiritual development ? Th... read more
Phone Readings: A New Perspective Phone readings : A New Perspective Phone re... read more
Preparing for a Phone or Email Psychic Reading. Preparing to receive a Psychic Reading Hello my n... read more
Psychic & Spiritual Development What is Spirituality?  Many students who are... read more
Psychic Development Course On Skype Max Mancer from Light Axis Healing is now offering... read more
Psychic Traveller Psychic Traveller Did you know your Psychic Str... read more
Psychics & Card Readers and both Card Readers and Psychics and both.  Card re... read more
Psychics the New Counsellors Psychics the New Counsellors The business of be... read more
Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants- which witch is which? Psychics/mediums/clairvoyants:- Which witch is whi... read more your thoughts change your lines (Palmistry) Palmistry ..and how your thoughts change your li... read more
The 'Right' Psychic reader there is a 'right' reader for every person and cli... read more
The Ancient Art of Trance Mediumship Trance Mediumship is often Misunderstood There ar... read more
The Approach of the Teacher Our spiritual development progresses through ... read more
Why Spirits Haunt         I find that spiri... read more
Working With Frequency Vs Energy I am often asked how I am able to channel or ps... read more
You Have Two Futures Why You Have Two Futures & Would You Find Ou... read more