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Not Quite The End of the World As We Know It

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Article by Phil Brown

Phil Brown - Journalist - Author Profile | Email | Website
Phil Brown - Journalist - Author As a journalist I am a senior writer with News Queensland. As an author I write about myself and, if that sounds self-indulgent, you don't know the half of it. Mind you if you read either of my memoirs - Travels with My Angst or Any Guru Will Do, all will be revealed.
Available as Speaker - humorist focusing on problems associated with existential angst and life's journey.
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Not Quite The End of the World As We Know It

It’s hard to concentrate on 2011 with 2012 breathing down your neck. If you’ve seen the movie of the same name you’ll know that the news is all bad. Something to do with the Mayan calendar and if you want to know more about that just Google the subject and you’ll soon be cowering under your dining room table, gibbering, unable to remember even your own name.

Apparently it all has something to do with the Mayan calendar running out on December 21, 2012. Alarmists will tell you that this is the date on which humanity should collectively take the brace position: that is we all put our heads between our knees and kiss our butts goodbye.

We’ve been here before, however, on many previous occasions. In fact humans have been waiting for the end of the world since they first stood upright and scratched the date of doomsday into the ground  with a stick. They were wrong then and as bad as things look they are almost certainly wrong again.

The early Christians expected the end within their lifetime which is obviously a misinterpretation or too literal an interpretation of  Christ’s predictions and admonitions. Since then there have been prophets of doom in every age, many predicting an end of the world which did come – for them at least. Let’s face it, it’s going to happen to all of us eventually but not necessarily when the Mayan calendar runs out. This coincides with some sort of celestial alignment which may or may not be relevant.

I remember there was quite a hullabaloo back in 1982 when a lot of folk were worried about all the planets aligning, an event which some predicted would bring history to a close back then. I was young, much thinner and extremely anxious at the time and spent months looking out my window awaiting signs in the firmament confirming my worst fears.  I guess you all know that the end of the world did not occur.

The cure for all this is living in the moment and not worrying what tomorrow may bring. Yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery, right? Jesus himself counselled us not to fret and suggested that worry did no good at all and of course he was right. Worrying about something doesn’t change a thing and it can certainly take the shine off one’s enjoyment of the here and now. I would stop worrying immediately if not for the subconscious fear that it is my concern for the planet which is actually holding the fabric of reality together. That’s a complex but I’m not quite sure what you’d call it. One thing’s for sure – each time I watch the Mel Brooks movie High Anxiety I wonder how he knew so much about me. And when The Psychoneurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous opens a branch in my neck of the woods – I’m there.

6 Feb 2011

Article/Information supplied by Phil Brown

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