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6 Weight loss strategies

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Article by Free Weight Loss Support

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6 - Weight loss strategies - Making change happen ..

.. a technical issue … slowly developing a strategy ..and summary

The mind is amazing, if you are overweight, your mind has been proven successful.

It has provided you with tools to convince yourself that you needed to eat more than you should have, and that against your better knowledge, that’s how good your mind is.

Now, how can you harvest this amazing power to lose weight and stay healthy?

All you have to do is to change it around, this time you make sure you have the tools to get your mind to do what you know is best for you.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? As we all know, it is not that easy, to have, or acquire the mind power to stick to good intentions.

One fact to consider is always how important something is to you. As more important something is, as more you will be able to achieve what you have set out to do.

That is, why I like to focus on health and the positive side effects which come with improved health, rather than to focus on a mere symptom, which is the weight.

For many, it is even easier to see a weight problem as an illness, that way you concentrate on the cause of the illness, which is much more substantial, than just telling yourself, I should eat less. After all, most people with a weight problem know that diet and exercise and a positive outlook will help them, but that doesn’t change the fact, that most still eat too much or the wrong kind of food and don’t do enough exercise.

Therefore you need something, to convince your mind to help you to overcome possible habits and food addiction, and all other associated issues.

I think, we can agree that the cause of a weight problem is situated in your mind and mental attitudes, and the cure is therefore to help your mind first, which makes the physical part, the diet and exercise much easier.

By the way, not everyone with a few pounds too many falls into above category.
As we all know, weight can sneak up on you, which is usually corrected by becoming aware of it and introducing some sensible steps, like fitting in some exercise or drinking 1 glass of wine less.

It is only if you feel you can’t lose weight, that there is an actual weight issue, or if the weight has caused physical health problems.

Having cleared up a few mind issues, lets start summarizing what we have discussed so far with some related questions to stimulate you into action.

Summing up Weight loss Issues Questions:

1.    Enjoy the journey …
Can you start and continue your weight loss journey with a positive attitude?
If you dread it from the word go, it is not going to work.

2.    Cause and Effect …
Can you determine the cause of your weight gain?
Write down everything what has let you to cause weight, including attitudes and emotional issues … as more you know about yourself, as better you will be able to address change.

3.    What ever you concentrate on will get the energy and will get bigger...
Do you concentrate on your weight or on a health solution?

4.    Change ...
What stops you from losing weight?
Write that down right now … and remember …
“If you do what you always do, you get what you always get.”

5.    A simple Diet ...
Could you start with a simple diet? ( What stops you? )
Stick to fresh food, nothing processed, no sugar, nothing artificial, all just great fresh food. Nice vegies, salads, seeds and nuts,fresh meat, chicken and fish, fruit and some home made whole grain sourdough bread.

6.    Habits ...
Why do you eat what you eat?
What are you conditioned with? Comfort eating maybe ?

7.    Blaming ...
Are you blaming someone or something for your weight gain?
Maybe the super markets with all their tempting artificial foods? Or being pregnant and eating for two, mates inviting you for beer?
Write down who or what you blame .. than change your attitude and accept responsibility.

8.    You are on a Diet already!
How can you improve you present diet? And why don’t you do it right now?

9.    Who is in control, you or the food?

10.   Are you addicted?
What are the 6 most likely foods or drinks you never could give up?
Write them down, and stop eating them right now ..

11.  Why do you eat more than you need to eat?

 Not surprisingly, as you can see while reading the summary, so far most issues seem to be mind issues.

Time to discuss mind-changing techniques.

There are all kind of techniques, and understanding the weight issues and attitudes about health and weight, is already one technique.

The next technique is to actually to gain and activate understanding from what you have read so far.  Hopefully the summarizing exercise has helped you with that.

It is always easy to read an article or book, agree with it whole heartily, having good intention while reading, and than forget about it.

Part of mind changing techniques, is actually to act on understanding.

With other words; put advice and strategies straight into action. Everything else is just entertainment. 


... to be continued ... click > 7 - Weight loss Tools and Techniques:

Cheers ... Dieter L. ... answering your questions ...

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22 Jul 2012

Last Update: 25 Jul 2012

Article/Information supplied by Free Weight Loss Support

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