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Article by Claudette Wadsworth

Claudette Wadsworth Profile | Email | Website
Claudette Wadsworth Qualified Naturopath

Natural Fertility Specialist
ThetaHealing Practitioner
40 Grosvenor Street
Bondi Junction
Australia 2022
(02) 9389 3689

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® uses focused intention and thought to release limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that no longer serve us or that accompany any disease condition. There is increasing scientific evidence that our thoughts create subconscious beliefs which then become our reality. Quantum physics has shown that our thoughts directly affect the functioning of the body and its state of health and that by retraining our brains to change our beliefs and emotions, we can dramatically change the health of our bodies and the reality we perceive and experience. The book The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, MD illustrates many examples of this. 

However, ThetaHealing® differs from other energetic healing modalities by using the theta brain wave to allow the release and healing to occur instantly, relinquishing the need for constant repetition of positive affirmations in order to re-teach the brain. When the brain is in a theta brain wave cycle, the person is very relaxed and is able to connect to the energy of all creation, what is sometimes called God, Creator, Spirit, Source, Universal lifeforce or the Divine. It is simply the energy that pushes a seed to sprout and grow into an enormous tree.

ThetaHealing® is not a religion or philosophy but a simple technique for change and healing. It is complementary to all religions, medical treatments and other therapeutic treatments and has been taught and is utilized by people of different religions and races all over the world. ThetaHealing® assists you to align more fully with your own innate healing energies by shifting the blocks, whether they be mental or emotional. 

Where did ThetaHealing® come from?

ThetaHealing® was begun in 1995 by Vianna Stibal after she instantly healed herself from terminal lymphoma in her leg. Since then, Vianna has healed thousands of people of chronic and terminal illnesses and has trained practitioners all over the world. ThetaHealing® can be used for physical illnesses as well as mental, emotional or spiritual issues. The technique is easily learnt, as Vianna says "ThetaHealing® is not a new technique, we are just re-learning something we already know".

ThetaHealing® Consultation

In a ThetaHealing® consultation, we simply talk about what is happening in your life that is causing you unhappiness, pain or discomfort or what you would like to change in your life whether it be your health, relationships, career, wealth, happiness. Through this discussion we identify the underlying emotions and beliefs that come from this and how these may be creating your experience and perception of your life. We release these negative thoughts and emotions and teach the body and the brain the new positive ones you want in your life. Eg. When you decide to forgive someone, you feel instantly lighter and happier by letting go of the anger or resentment towards that person and of holding onto your belief of being wronged. It is changing how we think, feel and thus respond to life. 

Every experience in life leaves an energetic imprint in us or memory to which we attach thoughts and emotions. Over time we develop habits of thinking or behaviour in response to these experiences. Have you ever tried every remedy possible and still can't get the results you want?Sometimes digging a little deeper unearths what keeps holding it in place. ThetaHealing® helps to let go of old programs that no longer serve us or are inhibiting us from creating what we want in life. Eg you cannot lose weight while you feel fat and you cannot overcome body image issues by staring at the numbers on your scales. No matter what diet you pick, you don't want to "lose" weight only to find it again. 

A ThetaHealing® consultation is non-invasive and does not involve physical contact. It can take place face to face, over the telephone or on Skype. Take a look at for more explanations of the scientific foundations and research on ThetaHealing®.

23 May 2012

Article/Information supplied by Claudette Wadsworth

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.