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Claim Back your Senses for your Full Body Awakening

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Article by Stephanie Phillips

Our true essence is to be vibrantly alive and spontaneous, and to embrace our deep emotions, so that we can manifest our reality with our natural power and grace. As we surrender and reclaim our capacity for more, we unfold the richness of our full presence. If we allow ourselves to remain open to our feelings, our sensual responses, and our subtle intuitions without editing or disconnecting, we can bring more joy and richness to every moment. In that openness, we are expanded, heart centred and authentic.

Are you really present in yourself? Are you really tuned in to your body, and are you truly listening to your perceptions and instincts? Our social conditioning often hijacks the subtle wisdom of our bodies, and our senses are drowned out by our mind-chatter - that logical reasoning that our culture values so highly.

Let's explore our development for a moment. As infants, everything we experienced was sensory. Our natural senses were alive, and we were fully present. Our feelings and responses flowed through us without resistance. As toddlers, we squatted on the beach playing in the sand with the water swirling around us. Every sense was alive, and our whole body was involved naturally in that experience. Every exploration was a sensual discovery of pleasure. This is our body's natural way. When there was pleasure and delight, we revelled in it. When there was discomfort or fear, we conveyed it accordingly. We were in tune with our bodies and our senses, and we expressed fully our sensual pleasures and our emotional pain. Our feelings and responses flowed through us without blockage.

As we grew, we were conditioned to shut down our body's natural wisdom. We learned to ignore our body's signals, and we learned to override our emotional cues. Whenever we inhibit our feelings, we create tension, and block the flow in the body. As we were socialised, we learned to contain our spontaneity, so that our actions were not “inappropriate” for our surroundings. We learned to hold back our perceptions, and our sensations - both pleasurable and uncomfortable. (Were you ever required to kiss Auntie Joan or Uncle Eddie even when you didn’t want to?) Our society has systems to conform to, and to fit with the system, we had to disconnect from our inner wisdom, our subtle senses, and our fully integrated presence.

To relate consciously with ourselves and others, we must become whole again. The most we can do for ourselves as adults is “unlearn”. We had it all at the start. We were born with our intuition, perception, trust, love, sensuality and uninhibited playfulness. We were born with unconditional presence in our being. This is where our freedom lies. This is where expansion happens, when we let go of our containment.

We can create the time and the space to honour our feelings as they arise. Acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that prevent you from being present. Notice when you rationalise your viewpoint, to keep yourself from feeling. Yes, it’s scary to step out of the patterns that have held us for so long. Firstly, become “aware”. What little voice inside says “stay the same”? What is the feeling or belief that lies beneath that little voice? Let the feeling bubble up. Allow it to be. Acknowledge it – that is all. That is freedom right there.

We can experience joy in every moment. We can learn to open – layer by layer – to reveal our true selves. We are whole – already. Tune in to what lies under what you tell yourself. Catch yourself replaying your conditioning.

Every emotion we feel is rich. When we breathe into our fear and pain – our emotions are alive, and can move through us like a river. Allow the flow to move through you, and feel. The flood will subside, and then there is a new expansion. If we are able to remain open to receive the feeling – we expand through the experience. We experience the depth of our authentic being – and we become clear and clean. Here lies the simple joy of being.

How do we start? Rediscover the sensing in your body. Become aware of how your body feels. What is aching, tired or numb? What sensation is comforting, nurturing, exciting, pleasurable or sweet? Instead of shutting down the awareness – bring those sensations more into focus. Bring focus to the body – and breathe fully into it again. Open the body with the breath – with your intention, and explore the simple truth that lies there. Sense, feel, perceive, and listen on the inside. Ride the waves of your own simple wisdom. Start with the body.

Have you shut down your sensuality too? Allow your body to open to pleasure. Sink into the feeling of silk against your skin, or a warm scented bath. Infuse your senses with sweet sensation. Express your body through movement and rhythm. Allow your body to feel and respond – it’s like coming home, back before your memory, back when everything was sensory, and we were fully present. It is your natural state.

 Tantric Synergy provides sessions for men, women and couples to rediscover their sensuality, and to open to their life force with expansion, power and trust. Learn to relate with yourself and your partner with more trust, more love, and more presence.

Join us also on an experiential journey with Andrew Barnes for his weekend workshop:

“Full Body Energy Orgasm”

Date: March 31st, April 1st 2012

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: Abbotsford Convent, Rosina Building, Dorm 2


13 Mar 2012

Last Update: 14 Mar 2012

Article/Information supplied by Stephanie Phillips

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.