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Aromatically Awesome - Lime Essential Oil

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Article by Karen Seinor

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Aromatically Awesome

Its hot and dry and seriously summer as I write this and it raises the question, “How can we really ‘stay cool’ in amongst all this heat, what with the sometimes interrupted sleep, expensive air-conditioning and grumpy humanoids to boot?”

Being a devotee of all things aromatic I turned to my little oil box of oils for the answer and there it was, ‘Lime’. Cool, fruity and green, just the thought of it makes you chillax, get fresh, smile and feel rejuvenated!

Lime oil (the essential oil kind that we put in the tops of oil burners) is actually extracted from the peel of the fruit. They place the fruit in a big stainless steel vat with prongs facing inwards and those prongs pierce the skin which releases the essential oil that sits within the peel. You’ve probably noticed if you’ve peeled an orange lately that there is oil in the skin – sometimes when you peel it, the oil comes out as a very fine spray and it can hit you right in the eye! Similar but different to the juice and the smell of it is quite strong. Anyway as the oil is released it runs down the side of the vat and collects at the bottom and from there it is collected up and bottled as 100% pure cold pressed (this is the best kind) essential oil.

To make the most of Lime Oil on these hot summer days and into the night you can add just seven drops of essential oil to the top of an oil burner that is filled with water. The cool sweet fragrance of the Lime Oil is dispersed into the air on little globules of moisture as the water evaporates into the atmosphere so as you breathe in the tiny molecules of the essential oil travel into your bloodstream via your lungs and begin to make wonderful changes to the way you feel.

Of course if you don’t have a candle powered oil burner there are other ways to use the oil as well;

·     As A Room Spray - You can fill a 100ml spray bottle with some cool water and add 5-10 drops of the Lime Oil to the water. Once the bottle is sealed up give it a shake and spray a few mists of it into the room. Yum! Yum!

·      As A Body Rinse - You can put a drop or perhaps two of the Lime Oil into a 500ml bottle of water. Give it a good shake and let it sit until you’ve finished your shower. When done and fully rinsed off, give your bottle one last shake and then gently and lovingly pour the special Lime Water over your body and your clean wet hair as a Body Rinse. It will leave a very light fragrance in your hair and on your skin.

·        As A Foot Soak – Get a lovely big bowl, one that will hold both your feet,  and put some cool water in it. Add 5-10 drops of the Lime Oil to the water and let your feet sink into the water. This is brilliant at the end of a long or challenging day, and equally as good to do before you have to go out if you need to be mentally fresh and physically invigorated. Bliss is the word and you can throw in some flowers for good measure and add ice cubes if you really want a super quick pick me up.

The botanical or plant name for the Lime is Citrus aurantifolia. The essential oils (the real ones, not those chemical copies from the two dollar shops) from plants have a healing effect on the body, mind and emotions in just the same way that the herbs in herbal medicine do so using them really does make a difference.

The known responses to the use of Lime Oil are;

·        Emotionally uplifting.

·        Cleansing and purifying.

·        Clears negative thoughts.

·        Refreshing


So maybe enjoy adding a dash of lime to your glass of sparkling mineral water or your Pimms and Lemonade as you soak your feet in your fragrance laden lounge-room and enjoy staying out of the heat! Enjoy.

Karen Seinor © Feb 2012  

19 Feb 2012

Last Update: 21 Feb 2012

Article/Information supplied by Karen Seinor

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.