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Article by Sajimon George


I have great pleasure to share my successful treatment experience of a rare and hazardous vesciculo- bullous disease with you which has later on diagnosed as Pemphigus Vulgaris in skin biopsy examination. I express my sincere gratitude to god for the limitless blessings during the treatment period; otherwise it might have been turned fatal.

About the Patient: -   A 36 year old, highly educated Indian lady, having strong faith in Ayurvedic system. She and her family members strictly followed my advices and directions during the whole treatment period staying nearby my clinic.

Presenting Complaints: - She came to me with vesciculo bullous lesions over the chin, oral cavity, and chest and back of the body, with fever and excruciating pain since three months. She was under allopathy (Modern medicine) treatment, taking corticosteroids (prednisololone 20mg bd) for the past three months. But she didn’t get much improvement and consulted me.

Ayurvedic Approach: - As usual I tried to see the case in the Ayurvedic perspective. The disease was considered in terms of ‘Visarpa’. Symptoms resembled that of ‘Agnivisarpa’.

Phases of management:-

1.’Ama’ Phase

“Adaveva visarpeshu hitham langhanana rookshanam /

Rektavaseko vamanam vireka: snehanam thu na”//

Treatment done:-

a.       ‘Chandanaparpadakadi Kwatha’ (Sahasrayogam,- visphodadhikaram)

6 am, 12noon & 6pm

b.      ‘Virechana’ - Avipathi choornam-

10gms daily with morning kwatha

        c. ’Kshalanam’- with Thriphala + Ksheeritwak Kwatha (Nalpamara)

        d. ‘Thoyam’ – Nishundeeshtangam + Dhanyaka

        e. Patient was adviced to stop steroids.

Result obtained:-

Even though fever was found subsided, yet the pain increased and the bullous eruption continued to spread to the spared areas also. As a result prednisolone 5mg (once daily for one week) was administered to tackle the crisis.         


              f. ‘Sathadhoutha Gritham’ mixed with marmavattu was applied externally on the bullae. For three weeks it was observed that clusters of bullae underwent bursting, leading to pigmentation and scar along with the emergence of fresh ones and ultimately fresh eruption of fresh bullae was stopped. The same treatment protocol was adopted for the whole period.


To prevent the protein depletion; electrolyte imbalance and fluid loss, likely to be resulted by the bursting of bullae, protienex, diluted milk and tender coconut water were administered. From 23rd day onwards the eruption of new bullae was completely stopped.

11. Nirama Phase:-

When ‘Amalakshanana’ were found completely disappeared (fever, anorexia and oozing nature) ‘Mahathiktaka Gritham’ was administered (10ml bd internally) and ‘Mahathiktaka Lepam’ for external application. Except ‘virechana’ rest of the medicines were stopped.

Patient gradually recovered; while patches were found in places of vanished bullae, accompanied by itching which was managed by ‘Amrutha Rajanyadi kwatha’ and ‘Haridra khandam’ internally and ‘Eladi gana choornam’ externally. Mahathiktaka Gritham was adviced to continue for 3 months.


Systematic Ayurvedic treatment is once again substantiated to be very effective, even in the forsaken cases from modern biomedicine.

Testimony from the patient

I had been a patient of Bullous Pemphigoid, a rare immunity system disorder. I had
consulted homeopaths as well as a few allopathic doctors (medical doctors)
initially. However in the extreme stages of the disease that was later identified by
Dr.Sajimon, an Ayurvedic doctor. I underwent Ayurvedic treatment containing herbal
decoctions as well as herbal pastes to relieve extreme pain related to the disease, also for
the regeneration of diseased fallen/peeled off skin. The treatment proved very
effective, and me as a patient of the afore said disease had lost my epidermal layer and the
pain unbearable due to exposed nerve endings never developed any secondary infections
as in the normal course by pseudomonas bacteria which is very fatal. This, I feel is due to
the herbal bath advised by Dr.Sajimon George. This is not only helped to relieve my pain
but also prevented all possible external infections along with the proper hygiene and
patient care taken by the doctor for the duration lasting almost two months.

To consolidate, I would like to once again stress the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine
in the treatment of some of the like rare diseases and also thank Dr. Saji for his almost sincere care during the treatment.



Wishing you the best Dr.Sajimon George

8 Apr 2011

Article/Information supplied by Sajimon George

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.