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1000 Good Habits

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Article by Dieter Luske

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The 1000 Good Inspiring Habits Project


We all have habits, some we haven chosen, most we are stuck with, others we are not aware of, and the rest are just a pain in the backside.

Most of the time, talking about habits, comes with the pre-text of bad habits....  however, habits can be cultivated, good habits that's it. Bad habits form usually by itself, like old shoes, they are so comfortable you just slip into them.

Habits can be generalised to make the application of what is a bad habit extremely broad. By example, one could say, "War" is a bad habit, by simply deducting, that it follows a certain pattern of behaviours of problem solving, which in it's end-result leads to war.

A good Habit therefore would be "Peace", which we haven't adopted yet fully. Remember, we are talking generalisation, you and me may have adopted a peaceful behaviour habit, but not everyone has.

Most people would say that smoking is a bad habit, even some smokers say it is, and other people are even proud to have a bad habit. Seeing how broad or how specific a habit can be, I have for this project adopted the habit of seeing all our behaviours as a habit. Therefore, one could say, that being overweight is a bad habit.

What does it do, to categorise everything as a habit?

It may make it easier to change the bad habits into good ones. Coming back to smoking, if you see it as an addiction, it will be much harder to stop. If you see it as a bad habit it may be easier, as it is your choice, and you can't use the excuse of being helpless because of an addiction.

The project is finding 1000 good Habits ...   "Inspiring" Good Habits thats it.

That should just about wipe out all the bad ones ... :-)

Now lets practice a bit of self-awarenes and chuck out some or most or even all of the bad habits and replace them with goodies.

What are good habits?  

Good Habits make you a better, happier, responsible thinking aware person. They help you to grow, become more fit and healthy, more compassionate and most of all more content and happy. Sure, you are that already, but maybe you can be even more so .. I know I could ... and as I don't like to be perfect all by myself, I will share or try to share or try to come up with .... yeah ... 1000 daily inspiring good habits.

Inspiring Habits for our holistic beings, meaning habits for improving physical attributions, fitness and health, mental processes even spiritual aspirations.

That's it, the introduction is done, now I just have to come up with 1000 habits...

I may decide to sort them by their attribute ...  probably with headings like; increase fitness - better memory - more loving - more forgiving - happier ... something like this ... it will evolve as we go along.

We ?

Yes, please, feel free to comment below  your good habits, which can be implemented into our daily routine without much more effort than bringing them into ones awareness for a few days .. before it becomes a good habit, and replacing a bad one.

How to make something a Habit:

1.    By repetitions.
2.    By replacing a bad habit with a good habit
3.    By someone supporting you, by reminding you.
4.    By enjoying it
5.    By positive feedback – engage your partner
6.    By consequential agreed positive punishment, such as:
repeating a supposed to be good habit for 30min.
7.    By rewards .. you think of something ..

The 1000 Good Inspiring Habits List:  

Cultivate harmonious living conditions around you ...

  1. Use supportive language
    Meaning: There is no need to answer someone aggressively or talking someone down. Bad habits, such as making someone feel bad in order to fell better yourself is substituted with supporting someone with encouraging, understanding, compassionate supportive language.
 - For more, see > Supportive Communicaton

  2. Listen without judgment
    Meaning: You may know or don't know something better, most of us think we know better, it's just our perspective, if we stick to that, we don't learn. Lets take some time to listen and hear someone else's perspective, it does not mean you have to like it, but it's not about you, it's about the other person. Your turn will come to present your perspective, and if you do, present it without making the other one wrong.
    The best technique to do this, is .... don't say BUT ... start with AND ... and don't expect the other person to like your perspective, they may not have develop good habits yet....

  3. Compliment someone
    We all need acknowledgement - your turn to make a habit out of it by acknowledging the people around you. Everyone can be complimented and acknowledgement for something. It encourages that person to continue those positive trends more.

  4. Smile at people– friendly look Habit
.. become approachable .. 

  5. Lend a Hand habit .. without being ask .. help out.

  6. Listen – Soundboard Habit
    Give someone the opportunity to talk to you with out you budding in by using encouraging listening techniques … saying such things as:
 yes … tell me more .. I understand … even paraphrasing what you have heard to reassure that you understood. 
(Paraphrasing?: Feed back a short section of what you have just heard in an around about way. Not only does that shows that you have listened, it also will show you understood the meaning of the conversation )

  7. Say or Ask for what you want Habit
    Meaning: Don't say what you don't want, it will not communicate what you want. You will end up getting nothing.

  8. Think (and speak) Positve Habit
    Sounds easy doesn't it? Yes, OK .. think positve...
    .. if you need some help, here is an article on how to "Speak Positve"

  9. Be in Balance Habit
    Get to know the many meanings of balance, and apply them to your daily routine of thinking and living. Balance as Philosophy or the 5 concepts of Balance see here >> The many meanings of Balance

  10. Make an Effort Habit
    ... good enough is not good enough ...  do a bit more, make an effort, just take that extra step ..

  11. Love and Accept yourself Habit
    Why should that be a habit? Because it's not enough if you do it only sometimes. Make it a Habit, love and accept yourself at all times, for ever.

  12. The "Reflection Habit"
    Reflect rather than react. (added by Emelisa Mudle)
    The old saying, "count to 10", before re-acting comes very handy here. (Editor)

  13. The "make one person happy per day" Habit
    Sounds easy doesn't it ? It is easy, just remember it.
    A lot of people looking for a Purpose in Life, to make one person happy everyday is not only a great Habit, it is also a great Purpose.  - Think about, if everyone would adopt this habit, we would be all happy.

  14. Be kind to your neighbor Habit
    Just remember .... everyone is your neighbor....  for more on Kindness - see the Kindness Project

  15. The "Don't Blame" Habit
    This one should have been called, Be Responsible Habit.  However, sometimes it seems to be more appropriate to explain by telling what not to do. - Blaming others and circumstances and justifying ones action and thinking makes individuals powerless, which can only be reversed by becoming responsible for one owns action. -  Get your power back.
    Read more about Blame and Responsibility.

  16. The "Golden Rule" Habit ( A universal Value Habit )
    “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself” is "the" fundamental good habit. 
    To live by this rule treats all people with consideration, not just friends.
    The tragedies that could have been avoided if people, politicians religous leaders simply applied the Golden Rule is mind boggling. Respecting people of all races and beliefs is a benchmark for peace. This rule ( Habit) is present in all major religions in one form or another, just to mantion a few ....

    Buddhism: Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill.
    Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself
    Islam: Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you.
    : You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your kinsfolk. Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.
    : Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain, and your neighbor's loss as your own loss.

  17. The "Be Creative "Habit
    It is vital to practice creativity. Without creativity we still would live in a cave. Creativity means creation, and each time you create something, you re-create a part of yourself. By adding creativity to your lifestyle, you will escape conditioning and start to sing " I did it my way". To stimulate your creativity, start drawing, writing, or any creative activity, this will trigger  your right side of the brain and gets the process going. We are all creative, if we wouldn't be, we would be robots on remote control.
    Read more > Creativity and Creative Drawing

  18. The " Divide a BIG Task into small tasks" Habit
    (added by Ron Fisher  ND )
    Break a difficult job down into small steps, write them down and then tick them off as you complete each small step - the difficult job then becomes much easier and is eventually achieved.
    A good Metaphor for this Habit is:
    How do you eat an Elephant trunk, chunk by chunk.  Often used in life coaching sessions.

  19. The daily Meditation Habit
    Takes only 20min.  and will change you forever ...  see here for lots of information >> Meditation Course

  20. Positive  emotional response Habit
    Positive in this context, means to positively and creatively choose the right emotional response for the right situation. It does not mean the suppression of unwanted emotions.
    Choice and control are often traded for addiction.
    Emotionally trapped people spend much of their lives as a servant of their emotions, instead of their emotions being of service to them. Read more, click > Emotions

    Communication Habits:

    Communication is THE most important aspect of Human interaction.

    Communication has a direct impact on War - Peace - Religion - Ideologies - Politics - Relationship, and on all and everything.
    Being that important, one could be tempted to think that is would be taken more seriously and taught more effectively.

    Communication can change the world.
    ... and it does ... however over the last decade, with computers, e-mails, texting, black berries and note-pads taking over,  the chnage in the world may not be fo rthe better, we may be risking to lose efffective communication forever.
    Are we losing the art of vocal direct communication? Are we becomming cyber-beings?
    Is the new drug on the street a computer driven device?

    .. what we need is a few "Good" Habits to get back to the nurturing and creative brain medicine of communication.

  21. Switch off your Computer Habit
    Have a computer free day, switch it off for a whole day, or even 2 if you are brave enough.

  22. Switch off your Mobile Phone Habit
    Do you rely on oyur Mobile phone? Are you afraid of leaving th ehome or Office without yur mobile. Are oyu sure, you are still in controll of your life or has a technicale device taken over?
    Switch off the mobile phone at least for 1 day per week.

  23. Don't send  text messages for at least one day per week Habit
    This should be in addition to the 1 day mobile phone off.  - Not only stop texting, but have a real communication with someone.

  24. The never use a mobile phone in the car Habit
    ... no explanation needed ..

  25. Have a real communication Habit
    Discover something new, communicate with someone. Not just about the wheather or what someone was texting or writing on a  facebook page. No, a real communication, with a fresh topic and let it take you for a creatve ride, and you may come up with a solution to one of the worlds million problems.

  26. Say "Thank you" that you are alive Habit
    .. and be alive, not a zombie .. relying on a mobile device to function ... 

    General Fitness:

    These habits are for people who are not really into daily or regularly exercise.
 The good habit here is to encourage to use our daily routines and activities, work - play and leisure to include specific movements with awareness to turn them into mini exercise patches.
 The idea is to do 30min excercise activities daily.
    Our body and minds are quiet amazing, just by being aware of certain activities will have a different response on your body.
    Using that principle, you can use a daily activity like washing you car and turn it into an excercise. If you ever have seen that old movie Karate Kid, you know what I mean >> "wax on - wax off" . 
    Use your creativty to turn some of your daily activities into  excersices.

  27. Waking up stretch Habit
    As you wake up, have a good long stretch,  pull each leg towards your chest for 5 sec and stretch out again. Move arms over your head as far as you can go and bring them back stretched out all the way to your leg. - Slowly sit on side of your bed, slight down into a squat, slowly stand up, do 5 more squats, walk smiling to your bathroom.

  28. Smiling mirror Habit - Positive thinking affirmation habit
    Look into the mirror, smiling and confirming how great you look, while saying out loud; I am healthy and happy, having a great day.
 ( read up on affirmation )

  29. Plenty of time habit
    Set the alarm 15min earlier, it will make you more alert and give you more time for the rest of your day.

  30. Toothbrush calf rises
    No need to waste time when brushing your teeth for at least 1 min. While you brush away, from your normal standing position, rise onto the top of
 your toes - hold it a bit and come down again - continue that for as long yas ou brush your teeth.
    Calf muscle are a good indicator to check on your adrenal glands, if you find this exercise hard your adrenal glands may be down, an indication of not coping with stress or inflammation within your body.

  31. Shower Habit
    Before finishing your shower, switch 3 times from hot to cold shower all over your body. Finish off by cold leg arms and face shower.

  32. 4min soft boiled egg exercise.

    Can be replaced by any other cooking activity where waiting time is involved. 
Fit in 20 squats -  20 half push-ups … leaning against the kitchen bench pushing up and down. Stretch out arms to the top, stretch to either side 3 times.

  33. "Salute to the Sun" Habit
    Look up > Yoga and the “Salute to the Sun” routine.
 Fit in 4 salutes before sitting down to have your breakfast.

  34. Forget the car key exercise Habit
    Walk to the garage – car-park – bus stop etc.. – don’t take your keys, ( or forget purposely something else) and walk back and get it. With short distances – make sure you get up early enough :-)

  35. Walk Habit
    Where ever you can walk; walk – don’t take the lift, climb the stairs.

    Nutrition & Diet

  36. Good Diet Habit.
    There is no such thing as one good diet for the all of us. Good Diet Habits do not tell you what specifically you should eat. This is one of these occasions, where avoiding the bad ones form the good habits.  Good Diet

  37. Drink plenty of water throughout the day Habit.
    and while you do that, you naturally will stop the bad habit of drinking softdrinks, don't drink commercial fruit juices either.

  38. Having Breakfast Habit
    Just a cup of coffee is not a breakfast, please do have a proper breakfast type of meal.
 Your blood sugar will thank you.

  39. Having a relaxed Breakfast
    Get up half an hour before you have to, just to have the time for a nice relaxing breakfast .. no rushing.
    If you start the day with being rushed, you spend the whole day in "trying to catch up" mode.

  40. No commercial Soft drink Habit
    Instead, drink plenty of water – real leaf tea, green – black or herbal. Like coffee, that’s OK .. stick to not more than 2 a day, and make it a good brew, no instant coffee.

  41. Avoid all form of Sugar - Habit
    In recent years lots of people have become fat phobic, but that hasn't helped them losing weight, because fat from is not the main weight gaining culprit. Therefore, I am afraid the fat phobia is useless, people should chose a sugar phobia instead, that would be doing much more good.
    I hereby declare the next year to be the "sugar phobia year", and furthermore, I will predict, that the average person will lose 5 kg within the first 3 month, just by cutting out sugar.
    See > Sugar Addiction

  42. Replace Butter - Margerine or Cooking Oil with Coconut - Habit
    read about >> Coconut Oil / Butter and it's Health Benefits

    General Wealth Creation Habits:

    We all could be living in relative comfort, which means something different for each of us. Often it is what we don't do, which preventspeoples from gaining the financial benefit they so desire. Do you have the right wealth creation habits?

  43. The "do a Budget" Habit
    If you don't know how much your earn, spend, need or save you have no control over the important energy which is called Money. This is a must habit, what ever yo do, get into this habit first.
    Read more > A Holistic Approach to Money

  44. The "save 10% of your income" Habit
    This is a great and easy Habit. Try to make that a habit or even better an automatic function. Automatically draw 10% from your bank account and deposit into an online smart saver account .. (no ... I don't work for a bank )
    The magic of this habit is the fact, that you can live OK with 10% less spending money. After a few month, make sure you select the most advantages saving or investment plan.

  45. Create a Lifestyle Habit
    Get in control - don't let society control you lifestyle - don't get sucked in.

    .....  . 955 Habits left to explore ....   a long way to go .... to be continued ..

please, feel free to comment below  - with your good habits ...
... and be up-to-date, click "Like" on

9 Mar 2011

Last Update: 5 Jun 2013

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.