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doTerra Essential Oils

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Article by David Webby

The main benefit of this brand of essential oil is the quality and purity of its manufacture. They undergo vigorous testing of each batch of essential oil to ensure there are no contaminants, such as fertilizers. This ensures that the oil is of the highest purity and therapeutic grade, and does not have any toxic interactions with the body. Of course there are some individuals that are sensitive to certain chemicals, but that may be related to the synthetic bases or impurity of the product. Great care and testing has been included in the production of these essential oils to ensure that those side effects are eliminated to the best of scientific knowledge and techniques available. For example a friend of mine reacted to all the Frankincense essential oils on the market, until she tried this one. Dr David Sterling talked about Essential oils in their natural state cause few side effects compared to their synthetic counterparts, due to their natural link to chemical models and pathways in the body. She invited me along to a massage workshop using these oils. I was hooked. Victoria surely benefitted from the massage techniques I learnt. In fact I use the ‘Deep Blue' blend on her back when her muscles are sore. Usually the pain is gone within 10 minutes of application. Either my massage technique is really good or the essential oils are been effective.


So back to the Launch night. Part of my mind switched off to the marketing hype, but I started taking notes for some of the uses the oils were applied for. Frankincense was found to be effective for one of the Speaker's younger child's seizures. Instead of taking heavy drugs, that weren't making much difference, they started using Frankincense by applying a drop under the child's feet day and night. The seizures to their amazement reduced and finally disappeared. It was amazing to find a natural treatment that could be used instead of the pharmaceutical drugs which often cause many side effects. What if these oils could be used for so many conditions that we go to the Dr for? I'm not saying that the medical world should be completely ignored, but maybe if we used natural remedies for conditions, our reliance on drugs could be reduced dramatically for the benefit of ourselves and mankind. I remember my mother been put on to Valium for sleeping problems after a traumatic birth process with my sister. It may have been misdiagnosed as Post natal depression and therefore treated without consideration of alternative treatments. My mother unfortunately became addicted to Valium, to the determent of herself and my family, for 25 years. What if her treatment involved the use of Essential oils?


Essential oils have been found to cross the blood-brain barrier and affect the limbic system, which is linked to our emotions. Therefore essentials oils have a direct effect on our emotional health, not just our physical body. Individual oils such as Lemon, Frankincense, Lavender, and Bergamot can be used for treatment of depression. Blends such as ‘Balance' and ‘Serenity', can be used for calming the mind and reducing anxiety. Over the years I have been an advocate of counselling, Theta Healing, flower essences, acupuncture and other forms of Holistic Healing as an alternative to prescription medication, but the feedback about these Essential oils are certainly making me more curious.


Essential oils are safe to be ingested, but the more common method of absorption is via the lungs and secondly absorbed through the feet. As one breaths the aroma of the essential oil into the lungs, the oils easily cross into bloodstream thereby administering its therapeutic effect systemically. Likewise through the skin, the essential oils are rapidly absorbed into the body. Often I can smell chemicals, particularly chlorine, from the aroma emanating from my patient's feet. It makes me more aware of just how sensitive and absorptive our skin is to the chemicals in the air, our clothes, and on surfaces we come into contact with, let alone the food we eat. Of course most of us, including myself don't react consciously to the environmental effect on our bodies until we have a disease or illness.


So what are some of the positive outcomes when treating an imbalance of the body with Essential oils? Dr Sterling showed examples of a live blood sample before and after using a blended Essential oil containing Frankincense applied to the bottom of the patient's feet. Frankincense is currently been used in scientific research to explore its effectiveness in treating cancer.

There was an amazing couple of slides showing the before and after treatment of skin cuts using Myrrh.

A blended combination of oils called ‘Past Tense' also increased blood flow, particularly to the brain. Dr David Hill demonstrated this on a couple of people suffering from Migraine Headaches, which great results after 10 minutes. He applied this blend using a roll on product to the back of the neck and temples.

Another good remedy for headaches was using Peppermint. This could be easily applied by putting a drop of this oil on your thumb and applying it to the roof of your mouth. Peppermint in this case was shown to have properties to improve blood flow to the brain.

Sometimes headaches are a result of Stress. The Essential oil blend ‘Balance' combined with Frankincense, and sometimes Bergamot and Roman Chamomile is used for Stress. There are a number of other great essential oils used to treat stress, including the citrus oils.

A blend called ‘On Guard', which consists of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary, can be used as an anti-pathogen whether in the body, strep throat, or even for cleaning floors and tables surfaces. I've starting using this oil blend to help my constantly sore throat. I just add 2 drops to a little water and gargle. Much nicer than salt water, and possibly not as harmful as the medicated shop brands. After 1 day I noticed quite a difference, and almost gone after 2 days of use.

Oregano, yes the herb, is also useful to treat Strep throat. It is a strong parasitic and natural antibiotic. However I don't know if you can get the same properties with eating large amounts of this herb in your diet.

A Melaleuca essential oil, which is made from our own flora here in Australia , is also anti-fungal. It can be used for insect bites, cold sores and acne. I can't wait until I try this one out on my step son Kaylum.

Lemon is a good parasitic. But also we were told that it is great to get bubblegum out of hair. I will remember that when I next get attacked in the movie cinema by a Bubblegum UFO.

A great blend they talked about was ‘Digesten'. This was often used for treating gas, (I'm sure Victoria will want me on this one), bloating, Candida, and weight loss. One just needs to rub on the tummy for this one to be absorbed into the area required. I'm sure this will be a hit for most women.

They do have a blend for Women called ‘Whisper'. I will post more about this when I learn the secrets about this one.

I am interested in using them at work, particularly for feet problems.

One essential oil I mentioned before, ‘Oregano' can also be used as an anti-viral. I intend to trial it out on a few patients that have problems with planter warts. In the their Textbook , ‘Modern Essentials – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils', Helichrysum is also a recommended essential oil used to treat viruses.

I have quite a few patients who suffer from circulation problems. I was told Helichrysum is also a wonderful essential oil for improving blood flow in the lower limbs, and associated conditions such as phlebitis, and other venous dysfunctions.

Osteoarthritis is a common disease I see in the clinic. Recommended essential oils include Frankincense, Rosemary, Marjoram, and the oil blend ‘Deep Blue'.

Rheumatoid arthritis suggests the use of those oils, but includes Lavender, Bergamot, and Cloves.

Deep Blue is used for back pain, degeneration of the spine, and also herniated disks. 3 drops of the blend ‘Balance' can also be applied to the area of herniation.

Deep Blue is good for muscle issues and inflammation. It contains the essential oil ‘Wintergreen', which is the main ingredient in many muscle medicaments.

Bruises also are treated with ‘Deep Blue' and ‘Helichrysum'.

The suggested treatment for Blisters is Lavender.

A New Oil blend, with 17 different Essential Oild combined in the blend, was recently released called 'Clear Skin'. Aparrently a great one for tinea and other skin infections.

I would like to try this one on those stubborn fungal nail infections!!!

Bursitis includes the blends ‘Balance' and ‘Deep Blue'. One recipe suggests the application of 1-3 drops of Balance, White Fir, and Basil on the location of the Bursitis, followed by cold and heat packs.

Cypress is oil one can also use on Bunions / Bursitis.

Calluses can benefit from the application of oregano. This essential oil may be beneficial to those suffering from painful ongoing issues.

Corns can benefit from the application of clove, maybe peppermint for circulation.

Underlying Nerve inflammation, (Neuritis), and nerve pain, (Neuralgia), can use essential oils Marjoram, Eucalyptus, and Roman Chamomile to help relieve the inflammation. This could be useful for treating Diabetic neuropathy. I would like to try a few patients first to see what works.

The company also has a great support team, who have many years of experience with dealing with essential oils, so if a condition doesn't respond, I will ask for their advice.

Diabetes could be helped with essential oils Rosemary, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Eucalyptus.

Another blend includes Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Thyme.

Anyone wishing to try an alternative treatment could order these oils.

Lemongrass combined with Peppermint is suggested for muscle cramps. This may be a great alternative for people suffering with night cramps.

Varicose Ulcers could be treated with Melaleuca, Geranium, and Lavender Essential oils.

There are many conditions that one could try with these Essential oils. I would like to give it a go and see what happens. If the results are good then I'm going to try a few other recommended remedies, and see what happens. No harm in trying, they say.


Victoria, my partner, and I went to see the pre-launch of these Essential Oils in early 2010. There was the usual hype and marketing, but my interest gained momentum when I starting thinking about the qualities and potential usage of the oils in my Podiatry practice. I thought of the potential use for conditions suffered by close friends. The vitamins + mineral supplement combined with essential oils also looked inviting, and were competitive with the Metagenics brand that we use. I also thought the income stream that we could generate from using this pure and powerful product from Creator's garden could also assist us in our work around the world in under-privileged countries. Victoria suggested that we buy the Family physician kit of 11 essential oils and blends, for each of the Children shelters that we visit in those countries. Such dreams are starting to manifest themselves in my daily life, as I look forward to the adventures that result.

19 Dec 2010

Article/Information supplied by David Webby

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.