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How to avoid unnecessary vaccinations

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Article by Dr Elaine Cebuliak

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How to avoid unnecessary Vaccinations

I have been asked: "What’s the alternative to vaccinations"?

Before we discuss this, let me draw an analogy.

If you knew your car was unsafe to drive would you drive it?  Would you trust your kids to be driven in it? Would you put your pet dog in it?

“You don’t call someone who advocates for safe automobiles anti-car. Similarly it’s ridiculous to call somebody who advocates for safer vaccines, more effective vaccines and to protect children, to ever call them anti-vaccine.”

I am not an “antivaxer”, but I find it difficult to understand how ANYONE cannot see the lack of scientific evidence for vaccinating any individual with multiple vaccines in any slightly immunocompromised patient, or in placing poisonous material into a biologically underveloped and very small mass.  The downright deception and cover ups by pharmaceutical industry, and the lack of their duty of care is an abomination.

Here is a police officer who stood up to his brainwashed employers (the government) when he would not give false witness about parents causing their baby’s death — after witnessing sudden death syndromes in babies post vaccination, even though the child died of brain inflammation and swelling.

The doctors would not sign off on this as vaccination injury, even though the child was fine up until the vaccination and “never right since” and then died of the brain swelling- with innocent parents (in this police officers view and knowledge of the facts) going to jail! The officer was dismissed. Of course this officer is mad and angry. He has seen some bad things. This is beyond sad. False accusations SIDS, shaken baby syndrome- all post vaccinations.

Very powerful testimony from a former police officer that lost his job for speaking up about the vaccines playing a part in killing children whose case he would help investigate. Sadly, it took his own vaccine injury to realize how harmful these vaccines are. He soon realized that babies were getting vaccinated before dying and decided to educate his peers, this resulted in him losing his job. We appreciate his care to speak the truth! Thank you Chris Savage for your dedication to help expose vaccine damage cover up.

First off let me make this clear: Vaccinations for diseases that are present in a given geographical area that present a risk for all animals (including man) need to be carefully considered.  The discussion below on the following posts/blogs is not “don’t ever vaccinate” but it is about recognising vaccine damage, to prevent kids getting the next series- of vaccines if they are already suffering damage from their first “shot”  or if their siblings have been shown to have damage from a vaccine and–to be aware of some of the risk factors, as it is not “1 size fits all” which is what is happening with vaccine damaged kids/small white fluffies (dogs) etc.

Over vaccination is a problem right now, and all vaccines are not created equal, just as all people are not created equal. There is a lot of science out there regarding individual metabolism, genetic variation, and risk factors- which is why I blogged about it.

As a holistic vet I see vaccine damaged dogs regularly, and many vets are still vaccinating unnecessarily – that is annually. There is NO scientific evidence to back up annual vaccinations in dogs for the standard Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus, they require their primer then an antibody titre test to prove it “took” and they are generally good for 5-7 years, if not for life.

The discussion is also about vaccinating for what is present, so if there is no small pox, it wouldn’t make sense to vaccinate against that. Just like we don’t vaccinate for Rabies here. Vaccines are NOT innocent, benign things. That’s all.

  • Antibody titre testing mother and then bub, and AB titre in dogs after their 12-16 wk pup vaccination. Most are protected and don’t need vaccines. Also vaccinate only for what is around and what is necessary. With humans check pyroluria, MTHFR factors first, prior to vaccinating. Breast feed bubs. check toxin levels in mum prior to pregnancy (hint! its high in many!) so detox before getting pregnant, then be aware of industrial pollutants and environmental toxins, so eat clean. Think about each and every vaccination- what is in it (hint not all flu vaccines are protective or safe- many still have thimerosal) Not all vaccines are effective. Intransal flu drops are better than injections in providing immunity.

  •  do the 23 and me genomic testing, and run your results through a third party, find out what your offspring challenges are likely to be.

From a medical officer working in infection control in a hospital.

Essentially with the staff if the are unsure if they have been immunised Hospitals and Medical doctors  can test for measles, mumps, rubella and Hep B. The chicken pox (varicella test is only sensitive enough to pick up if you have had the disease previously not if you have immunity from immunisation).

We have to be careful with the Hep B to make sure the staff have had all 3 vaccinations (or 2 if they were a certain age when they had them) because some people can have a temporary rise in their titre levels after one dose but it doesn’t offer them life long immunity. The current thinking on vaccinations is that once you have had your course in child hood you are generally covered for life for measles, mumps and Hep B.

We have noticed that Rubella immunity titres can fall and pertussis (whooping cough) still needs to be done for people in at risk groups every 10 years (the timing on pertussis is under debate at work at the moment).

Article b:

Dr. Elaine Cebuliak

29 Sep 2016

Article/Information supplied by Dr Elaine Cebuliak

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.