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Becoming Alkaline

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Article by chris wake

Becoming alkaline and staying alkaline is no longer a recommendation, it is a necessity. What many people may not realize is that many things other than acidic foods contribute to an acidic body. There are three general forms of stress that are known to produce an acid state in the body: an acid diet, physical trauma and emotional stress which the worst offender.


The most well known cause of an acidic body is of course an acid diet filled with meat, grains, sugar, soda, artificial sweeteners and processed foods. But we must also take into account the above stresses, as stress is by far our greatest acidifier. The acid produced from an encounter with an emotionally stressful event or person can linger in or bodies for days, weeks, months, years or even longer. Physical trauma such as a car accident, sports injury or even just a simple slip and fall on the driveway or in the home can cause an ongoing physical stress in the body that contributes to an acid state, even if it does not produce pain.


There are countless other contributors to a chronic acid state ("acidosis") such as air and water pollution, electromagnetic pollution (or "EMF's"), and a myriad of other toxins that we are all exposed to on a daily basis, whether we are aware of them or not. The elements in our environment that produce and contribute to our overly acid state are everywhere, and seem to be getting worse. Diet alone cannot completely combat these forces. There is no way to run and hide from it all, so we must make our bodies as healthy as possible so that it can ward off any stressors that are thrown its way.


SevenPoint2®'s Health Made Simple program is "just what the doctor ordered" to help you and your loved ones get healthy and stay healthy. It is time we all realize that if we don't work on our health daily, we will lose it. The Health Made Simpleprogram makes it super simple and affordable to get alkaline and stay alkaline. 7.2 Shake & 7.2 Greens in the morning, 7.2 Recovery during the day and some Alkaline Boosters before bed. It's that simple!

To Your Health,
Dr. Howard Cohn
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer SevenPoint2®
For more information email Health Coach Chris Wake

3 Dec 2014

Article/Information supplied by chris wake

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.