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Birthing naturally without pain? Here's why your body says YES!

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Article by Meagan Otu

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Your BODY has something it wants you to know. It wants you to know of a philosophy on birth, that in ancient times, was the natural way a mother birthed her baby.  Without fear.

Your body has an innate wisdom, it’s designed for you and baby to work together in having a natural gentle experience, and in the absence of special circumstances, birth doesn’t have to be associated with pain, if there is no fear.                                                              

So where did fear come from?  At the end of the second century AD women of natural medicine were persecuted and outcast from society by a misguided religious group, this included midwives, and there was a general hatred towards women redefining their position in society as a shameful one. At this time women were left to birth alone, unassisted, it became an isolated, cold and fearful experience, as no assistance was given even in the presence of a complication. This fearful experience became widespread and has been passed down generationally in subconscious programming.*                          

Prior to this time, women gave birth in a celebration of the community, as a joyous calm gentle experience, as documented by Hippopcrates, Aristotle and Soratus leaders of Grecian school of medicine.*

What happens when fear is present in birth:  When fear and tension are present, this affects the TMJ joint (your jaw muscles where stress and tension is stored) Tension in the jaw muscles squeezes together the cranial bones and squeezes your pituitary gland, activating a fight flight freeze fear or survival stress pattern, which stimulates the release of catecholamine. Catecholamine is the hormone which triggers pain.

An obstetrician of the early 20th century Dr Grantley Dick Read, became witness to women, whom without exposure to society, were birthing naturally without pain, as he worked on the battlefields in World War 1 in foreign lands, seeing women give birth in the trenches with ease. Dr Dick Read pioneered in the mind body connection of birth, researching and studying to come up with his theory on fear and birth. He found that fear causes arteries to the uterus to constrict causing pain, and disrupting the flow of birth. * The uterus is too tense and constricted to open, and in modern medicine this is called failure to progress, and a caesarean takes place.

How Nature Designed Birth: Your body has many special physiological changes that take place that work with you and baby in birth. In the absence of fear, Endorphins are released by the pituitary gland and have an affect 200 times that of morphine.* The soft fontanels of a baby’s head actually overlap each other and mold to the shape of the birth passage to fit through with ease*  These are just some of the many clever physiological designs of nature, that if given the opportunity will support a birthing process without the need for unnecessary pain.

So how do we remove fear?  Kinesiology is wonderful for birth preparation to release fears stored in the subconscious, and tension in the TMJ. The tension stored in the TMJ is directly connected to the birth path and affects your body’s physiological responses to the birthing process. Working with women postnatally with this neurological process is what inspired me to train as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner to help Mum’s achieve a positive birth experience and transition into Motherhood.
HypnoBirthing®  the Mongan Method,  is the original HypnoBirthing course developed by Marie Mongan, based on the work of Dr Grantley Dick Read and Dr Jonathan Dye.
HypnoBirthing is as much a philosophy as it is a technique, which focuses on releasing fears, and misconceptions surrounding the birthing process that are still present in hospitals and birth information classes today. With self hypnosis techniques, breathing exercises, positive affirmations, fear releasing activities, education on choices during the birthing process and more, it aims to return the art of birthing to the Mother for a gentle, more comfortable, joyful birthing experience.
Have the birth you always dreamed of!
For more information on HypnoBirthing® classes or Kinesiology
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*HypnoBirthing® Marie Mongan 3rd Edition Marie F. Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy.
Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to replace your care providers medical advice

6 Oct 2014

Article/Information supplied by Meagan Otu

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.