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Animal Messages App

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Article by Paul Wezenbeek

Spiri-apps, apps for spiritual growth Profile | Email | Website
Apps for mobile phones and tablets for spiritual growth and spiritual help. No fancy sounds or high tech applications, but apps that will truly offer something to help you on your way. It is you, not the app whom asks for help in love and respect, or uses the affirmations. I wish you much pleasure in the usage of these spiritual apps! Info: Muiderberg

Animal Messages App

Messages that animals can give you.

This app is in English and Dutch

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There is a free trial version of this app:

Animal Messages App Free, link for: Android Google play store

Animal Messages App Free, link for: Apple iTunes store

Animal Messages App Free, link for: Windows Phone store

If you like the app, you are welcome to download the Animal Messages App Pro, which offers you the opportunity to download 101 animals. The app costs 1,79 euro:

Animal Messages App Pro, link for: Android Google play store

Animal Messages App Pro, link for: Apple iTunes store

Animal messages App Pro, link for: Windows Phone store

The following animals are in the pro version: eagle, antelope, beaver, bee, opossum, buzzard, guinea pig, coyote, badger, pigeon, squirrel, duck, hedgehog, magpie, donkey, pheasant, flamingo, grebe, goose, goat, gecko, vulture, armadillo, cock, hare, lizard, hawk, ermine, deer, humble bee, dog, hyena, loon, kingfisher, jackal, cockatoo, cockroach, turkey, chameleon, canary, kangaroo, cardinal, caribou, cat, beetle, frog, chicken, koala, hummingbird, rabbit, crow, crane, cricket, dragonfly, ladybug, thrush, groundhog, coot, titmouse, gull, blakbird, ant, mole, mouse, sparrow, nightingale, stork, otter, horse, toad, panda, parrot, peacock, pelican, prairie dog, raven, rat, roe, heron, robin, caterpillar, salamander, sheep, turtle, scorpion, snail, snake, woodpecker, spider, starling, grasshopper, porcupine, skunk, meerkat, toucan, owl, falcon, pig, finch, jay, bat, butterfly, fox, raccoon, weasel, wolf, swan, swallow, boar.

Animal Messages App

Messages that animals can give you.

In your life, animals can be messengers. They can show you what kind of characteristics can help you move forward at certain point in your life. According to the Indian culture and Shamanism, the animals that come across your path can be considered as great messengers. When talking about magic and spirituality, the nature and everything that is connected to it is the most powerful. If we dare to look at it, we will find many answers to questions in our lives, simply by paying attention and by being open to listening to what they can tell us.

The message, which can also be called message totem, brings a spiritual message or something you should pay attention to. It may be an animal that crosses your path right in front of you, a bird flying along with you, a butterfly that sits on your shoulder, a bird tapping on your window, etcetera. Many situations are possible, not every animal that you see will bring you a message, but it is that one special moment that stands out, and you're the only one who can feel whether or not this is a message.

The fun part is, you can immediately check your phone to see what the message is, you know how this went before .... ‘I'm going to take a closer look at this when I get home` and then, quite often, you have forgotten it again already.

This app only uses animals for which there is a chance you will receive a message from. Obviously, this depends on where you live, but for instance a mouse, a spider, an ant, a butterfly will be discussed, together with other small animals. The chance that you will receive a message from a tiger, an elephant or a whale is so small that I have omitted it. However, there are over 100 animals that you can possibly encounter.

For all the animals, it is described what they stand for, what message they can give you in short, and each animal has three affirmations that fit the situation. An affirmation is a sentence that you can repeat out loud for yourself,  in order to achieve a goal. This is a very powerful tool to change your life in a positive way.

Enjoy this app!

Paul Wezenbeek

Spiri-apps, spiritual apps.

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28 Jul 2014

Article/Information supplied by Paul Wezenbeek

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