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Balancing Belief Systems

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Article by Meagan Otu

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Balancing Belief Systems

Belief systems and Kinesiology are intrinsicly connected in how they work.

When trying to break negative patterns, behavioural problems or unhealthy relationship patterns, it is often something that the person is aware of and wants to stop, but frustratingly just isn't able to and find themselves in a cycle hard to break out of. This can be due to behaviours ingrained from belief systems developed in early childhood.

Belief systems and behaviours become programmed into our subconscious mind usually between the ages of 2 and 6. Between these ages the brain activity is Alpha-Theta, a highly programmable stage of brain activity. Belief systems may be developed from observing our parents, experiencing reactions to behaviours and actions and perceiving them as meaning something about ourselves. Perhaps that what we have to say isn't important or worth listening to, or we are rewarded with items or food which means we are loved, and then not given as a reward so that means not loved, seeing a parent angry and upset, but then being told nothing is wrong and learning to supress or pretend everything is fine when someone hurts. These experiences are stored in the subconscious memory, and while there may be no conscious memory to draw from, these beliefs continue to shape our behaviour and perceptions as adults. Our perceptions of our self and the world, self esteem, emotions and reactions, are correlated to our belief systems. 

Kinesiology works on accessing the subconscious mind with a bio-feedback system of muscle monitoring, and can age recess to pinpoint exact times when negative experiences or belief systems were developed. Uniquely, this process also accesses where these imbalances are stored in the body, and what the body needs to balance. With Kinesiology balancing belief systems in the energy systems of the body, be it an organ, gland, chakra, meridian, muscle, lymphatic or vascular system, this allows the physical body the opportunity to then restore balance. Allowing the opportunity for the person to move forwards no longer carrying that negative belief system about themselves.

3 Apr 2014

Last Update: 4 Apr 2014

Article/Information supplied by Meagan Otu

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