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12 Lifestyle Diet

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Article by Free Weight Loss Support

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Part 12
A well balanced Lifestyle Diet

article by Dieter Luske - Copyright

Let me reiterate, the most important part about weight reduction is to make sure not to put it back on again.

There are countless methods of enhancing weight loss, but not many concepts to stay slim or to keep your ideal weight.

Therefore, the most important part, and the most important Diet and Lifestyle, is the one you fall back on after your initial weight loss.

That diet and lifestyle has to be totally suited for you, in order that you totally will accept and live by it.

That diet is the basic "Well Balanced Lifestyle Diet"

The following links wil load up new pages explaining the diet. Study it, get use to it, and start making adjustment to make it your own.

With adjustments I mean, cater for your taste, but don't introduce processed or refined foods.

To achieve your weight loss goal, you probaly need to switch a few times back and forth between a specifc weigh loss diet and the Lifestyle Diet. And, because we are all different with different needs and requiremens, I also will outline, in future articles more direct weight reduction methods. Some are not for the faint hearted, but because you have the Balanced Lifestyle Diet to fall back on, will make it achievable.

From time to time, I also would  like to advice you to go back over the past articles, and checking up on your "mind" parts, attitude and awareness, becuse as more we know or learn about us, as more we can cope with tricky situations.

Well Balanced Lifestyle Diet Links:

  1. Optimal Nutrition

  2. Processed Food

  3. Refined And Processed Food

  4. General Diet Suggestions

  5. Soy Products and Special Foods

  6. TOFU - Soy Product - Organic - NON GMO  - ( not a requirment - just an option, esp for vegetarians)

  7. Balanced Breakfast Option - ( Send us your recipies )

  8. Balanced Lunch Recipies

  9. Balanced Dinner Recipies

  10. Balanced Diet Snacks

  11. Diet & Rules Summary

One more important fact to be mentioned:

Whenever you change your diet, the initial change will always results in some weight loss.
That means, that if you start with the above diet, even without having been on a weight loss diet before, you will lose weight anyhow.
This is good news :-) It means, that by simply adopting a balanced lifestyle diet, you will lose weight and you can stay on that diet till you noticed, that you have plateaued. At that time, you may want to  decide to try a more regirous weight loss regime.
I will continue in future articles to specify a number of specifc weight loss strategies.

... to be continued ... click > Specific weight loss strategies

Cheers ... Dieter L. ... answering your questions ...

PS. To be supported directly with new article up-loads, diet, exercise and mindwork advice,  as well as having your question answered,  join my FB Group > Weight Loss Support

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30 Jul 2013

Last Update: 7 Jul 2015

Article/Information supplied by Free Weight Loss Support

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.