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Natural fertility program

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Article by Tameera Kemp

Natural fertility program: How to get pregnant naturally with homeopathy, diet, vitamins, avoiding yeast and relaxing.

Life is a miracle...My naturopath, homeopath friend and healer had a huge success rate with this program. In combination with fertility yoga, acupuncture, herbs and knowing your monthly cycle you could be pregnant in no time.   There are some wonderful retreats with programs tailored to help you too where you can also connect with likeminded others.

For those of you new to this stuff your eggs start to deplete age 36.  However you have a good chance up to the age of 41.  Thinking of IVF?  Before you rush into things each cycle takes a bunch of your eggs, which don’t grow back.  IVF has been known to bring on early menopause too plus it costs thousands of dollars.

There really is only one short time in the month you can fall pregnant, which you can easily find out by monitoring and charting your temperature every morning at the same time (no drinking water or talking beforehand.) Print a free downloadable chart from the web and keep by your bedside.

When your temperature takes a sudden sharp rise (like Mount Everest), which can be from day 15 to day 20 of your monthly cycle this is the time you can fall pregnant.  However you need to have intercourse BEFORE ovulation, which is one or two days before the sharp rise in temperature.

For anyone using the ‘rhythm method’ to not fall pregnant the reason this doesn’t work is because healthy sperm can stay for around a week. 

Falling pregnant needs help from the male too. Wear boxer shorts, no excessive exercise, with alcohol in small amounts.  Take a retreat!  Stress is a major factor in pregnancies not occurring.  This is why many couples fall pregnant whilst relaxing on holidays. When you’re calm your body is more receptive – yoga can help balance your body and energy.  Meditation will help you too.

Find a good homeopath and ask about the following:

1. Borax 30 – one dose (7 drops in the morning)
2. Sepia 200 every second day (stop if ovulating)

1. Nat Mur 30 – one dose (7 drops in the morning)

1. Thuja 30 – one dose (7 drops in the morning)

Two days before ovulation – if you ovulate on day 15 take it on day 13
Folliculinum 200 – one dose (7 drops in the morning)

Note: Ensure you leave 30 minutes at least between remedies with no food beforehand. The weekly remedies should always be two days apart and consistently repeated on the same day each week.


  • A pregnancy multi-vitamin containing 500 mcg of Folate (daily) eg Blackmores pregnancy tablets.
  • Zinc at night – both of you should be taking zinc.
  • Selenium 50mcg tablet twice daily.
  • Tribulus protein tablet – day 5 to 14 of the menstrual cycle.
  • B6 for both of you.

Diet Advice

  • Eat lots of fruit and veggies instead of lots of processed carbohydrates like bread. The best fruits to eat are bananas, apples and pears, strawberries and oranges (in small doses). No dried fruit.
  • No pineapple, watermelon, avocado, paw paw, kiwi fruit or mango, which are all high in yeast.
  • Avoid sugar.
  • Avoid caffeine.
  • Avoid yeast – buy sugar free, yeast free bread. No vegemite.
  • No honey as this digests in lower gut and ferments like sugar. Rice malt as a sweetener or Agave (from health food store) can be used instead.
  • No soya sauce, which is high in sugar.
  • No alcohol – sake, vodka and gin are ok because they are distilled and have no yeast. If you like a glass of beer try to steer clear the few days around ovulation. Just think of this as a good practice run as you’ll be giving up alcohol all together whilst pregnant and breastfeeding.
  • No fermented cheeses – brie, camembert etc as they are high in yeast.
  • No fermented meats such as salami, ham etc as they are high in yeast.
  • No mushrooms – again high in yeast.

On a final note, detaching and letting go of the outcome is going to help you unwind and be in your flow.  You are going to be SO healthy after this.


18 Feb 2013

Last Update: 26 Mar 2014

Article/Information supplied by Tameera Kemp

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.