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Weight Loss Challenge

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Article by Dieter Luske

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Weight Loss Challenge

What is the weight loss challenge? >>> Providing  FREE - Weight loss Classes

Yes, it hardly matters if you are a Medical Practitioner, Natural Practitioner, Coach or Counseller; weight loss has and always will be a major factor to improve Health... and, if you offer free weight loss classes, you have the reward of doing something of benefit to the whole community.

With you or fellow practitioners at your clinic making room for one class per week ( or more ), with other words offering 1 hour of your time for free, you will contribute probably more good to the health of your patients than you ever would in a whole day of clinical work!

The classes are for educating and supporting the clients.. in the way of providing information on:

Lifestyle Choices - nutrition - underlying physical or mental causes - fitness - stress - exercise - coaching - awareness and so
on ..

The clients will see you as an expert who they can trust.. and the extra benefit of that fact will help their and your goal even more.

Get an editorial at your local newspaper - " Physician (use your modality here) supports community by offering free weight loss classes ".

I am sure, you would get that for free, the best advertising you ever had ..

.... that's the weight loss challenge ...

Be part of stopping the weight epidemic, and the health problems being overweight can cause.

Your patients with blood pressure problems, diabetis, heart conditions, joint problems and everything else will be thanking you, and will be loyal to your clinic for ever. As you will have been proven to support your patients without direct financial gain.

Don't use the classes  to sell weight loss products. Weight loss is possible without the use of products, just with generous support, diet and exercise.

The main emphasis will be that of group participation, a bit like Alcoholics Anonymous, and if the weight is caused by eating habits, a similar approach can be used. Why not invent your  own 12 steps treatment and support concept for weight loss?

How will a weight loss support class help people lose weight?

  1. Providing information based on facts not on marketing.
  2. Providing motivation and encouragemen.
  3. Supporting participants  to stay on a program, and stay the distance.
  4. Listening and suggesting help when  feeling down and doubtful.
  5. Being part of a team and not alone, participants helping each other.
  6. Helping to overcome possible fears.
  7. Sharing experiences and successes.


Weight Loss Challenge support material

... here you find a number of links for weight loss support or suggestion ... the first link is a full weightloss program, which should give you plenty of ideas on how to develope and structure your own weight loss support class.

Free Weight Loss Support

Part 1 Holistic Weight Loss - Introduction

.. and please join the useNature  Weight Loss Support Group

Cheers ... Dieter L.

14 Aug 2012

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.