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Article by Dieter Luske

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Allergy Research and Discussion Articles

Allergy - Hypersensitivity - Intolerance

Anyone can have an allergy or develope a sensitivity to virtualy everything. People are reacting not only to milk or wheat, but also to carrots, onions, strawberries, apples, yeast, bread, zucchinies, corn and everything else you can think of.

On top of all that, allergies seem to get worse which may be due to our increasing toxic environment.

For the past two hundred years, industry has evolved so fast that our bodies have not had the time to develop defences or a tolerance against many of its by-products, resulting in a world that is toxic to the human organism.

Further more, the combination of organic and chemical substances in our environment such as:

The air we breath, including pollen and polluted air.
Possible Elctro-magnetic influences, microwaves, electro smog.
Depleted soils, sprayed with dangerous pesticides.
Food, processed and laden with chemical additives and preservatives.
Even our drinking water is treated with chemicals. (Have you ever wondered what effect chlorine has on the beneficial bacteria in your gut? ) .

Now add work commitments, money problems or other personal stresses into the mix, and you have the perfect scenario for an onslaught of allergies, seemingly increasing year by year.

What are we doing about it?

What is anyone doing about Allergies or Hypersensitivities?

Unfortunately the medical profession has no answers, unless you like to take Anti-histamines for ever.

Talking of Anti-histamines : has anyone information on side-effects of prolonged anti-histamine use?

... is embarking on an Allergy Discovery Tour, hope you will be part of it ...

... we would like to hear from anyone who can submit articles about allergy information, treatment, testing, equipment and products.

Which testing procedure is working?
Which treatment methods are working?
Which supplements are working?
Which equipment is working - eg .. Bio Resonance - Rife machine?

Who has information about new research - who has any answers - who can give hope for allergy sufferers? is calling on all - Doctors - Researchers  Allergy Specialists - Chiropractors - Acupuncturists - Naturopath - Hypnotists - Counsellers ... actually..... anyone.

We will publish all relevant material. - contact us -

We know that many treatments are offered, such as:
Diet - Desensitisation  - Detoxification - Fixing a Leaky Gut - Hypnosis - NLP - Bio Resonance .. and many more ... however we would know the specifics .. and we would like to know the differentiation why some treatments work for some but not for others.

We anticipate, that this topic will become an " Allergy Column " with ongoing informational articles.

Probably the most common treatment is Diet or rather Diet restrictions, which obviously is not much help with airborne allergies.

Even so, in most cases, allergies come in a combination of offending substances, and often the elimination of one substance may lessen the overall impact. It obviously depends if it is a real Allergy or a Sensitivity..

Diets will always help, however they can put a serious dent into your lifestyle.

We hope to list many allergy products and resources as well as practitioners.

This column will be continued with general information about what allergies are and the difference of allergies and sensitivities.

As mentioned before, we will publish all relevant material. - contact us -

For account holders, please submit articles directly from your "Account Dashboard"

For Visitors; Articles will be provided by contributing practitioners, and if any article resonates with you and you feel that particular practitioner may be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact that practitioner.

... to be continued ... next >> Allergy ... an Introduction and Allergy Article Menu

Dieter L. - Editor : ... for your Health ...

Please offer comments below ...

3 Oct 2010

Last Update: 25 Jan 2012

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.