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What you put on your body goes in your body

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Article by Amina Kitching

Safe Cosmetics Australia [SCA] Profile | Email | Website
Safe Cosmetics Australia [SCA] SCA is the first nontoxic certification program in Australia. We ensure that items used every day are MADE SAFE without ingredients that are known or suspected to cause harm to human health or the environment. Our mission is to raise chemical awareness, advocate for a pre-market regulatory scheme and verify products that are MADE SAFE Non-Toxic Certified for a sustainable & healthy future: see the TOXIC-FREE LIST
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What you put on your body goes in your body


That's right, what you apply to your skin is absorbed into the body. 

It is estimated that more than 69% of the product is readily absorbed into your body, should you be alarmed? Only if you've never considered the ingredients first. We all know that eating a healthy balanced diet is key to living a healthy well-balanced life, but can using cosmetic products interfere with our health regime? The truth is that not all of the ingredients in cosmetics are pretty. In fact, there are over 80,000 chemicals available worldwide, and the vast majority have not been assessed for public health and safety. So should you be alarmed? For people who suffer from allergies or asthma, the very young, teenagers, the sick, the elderly or pregnant should take particular care. Many of the nasty chemicals are hormone disruptors, did you know that fragrances alone are made up of over 4,000 chemicals for each aroma? This chemical concoction is alarming.


+ Many people prefer to take the precautionary approach 

When it comes to in chemicals in cosmetics, many people prefer to take the precautionary approach by choosing products that have been independently reviewed - Certified products meet the highest standards. Mainstream big brand names don't often carry Certifications, why is that? Well industry standards do not require brands to formulate their products without toxic chemicals like parabens, fragrances, synthetic preservatives and vitamins. If you ask any health professional about dietary advice, they will always advise that eating a balanced healthy diet is vital - so what is in the products you choose to feed your skin? A study in the US discovered that out of the 82,000 chemicals available for use in cosmetics 1 in every 6 contained toxic industrial chemicals.

+ If you haven't read the label then it's time to start!

Not everyone is concerned about the products they choose, and many people will say that they simply can't afford to purchase the better quality products. But, are they really that much more expensive? offers a unique platform for brands to showcase their products listing them by price, category, and use, visitors can quickly search and find products that are within their budget and needs. Best of all, we have done the hard work for you! Each and every brand at OBB has been certified by an Industry Recognised certification organisation, if you are looking for palm oil free products, vegan or cruelty-free makeup, we've got you covered. 


+ Visit and Join now to create your free membership!

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+ Article by Safe Cosmetics Australia, The Toxic-Free Campaign.

6 Oct 2017

Article/Information supplied by Amina Kitching

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.