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What is Biofeedback ?

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Article by Elizabeth Fisher

Well For Life Biofeedback Profile | Email | Website
My primary business is Quantum Biofeedback using the SCIO. I am a qualified Biofeedback Therapist. I specialize in wellness enhancement and stress management using biofeedback. Carrum Downs 3201

So what is Biofeedback and how can it benefit you?

Biofeedback is a computerized form of Energy Medicine. With the advent of the computer age biofeedback has evolved in leaps and bounds. Quantum Biofeedback, using the SCIO/Indigo, incorporates the Clasp 32 software as invented by Professor Nelson. It is the most comprehensive Stress Management software package available today.

This package includes a vast array of different healing modalities within its software. A skilled practitioner has a plethora of programs to choose from to assist their clients in their quest to return to their natural state of wellness or equilibrium.

The Indigo system utilizes five comfortable straps with sensors that measure the Electro-Dermal Response (EDR) on the wrists, ankles and forehead. It is accurate and sensitive enough to measure the EDR and electro-physiological reactivity of stress reactions to over 11,000 energetic signatures that we commonly interact with.

Essentially the Indigo is a frequency counter and generator. All aspects of our being have an ideal frequency. By interfacing with our 'body electric' the Indigo is able to compile a huge data bank of information relating to the state of our Energetic Health. This gives an energetic profile of us.

As the Indigo interfaces with our 'body electric' it also acts as a sophisticated wave-form generator. It works to re-train harmony to our physical and emotional bodies. It addresses aberrant stressful reactions to help us create more cohesive and coherent patterns.. When our behavioral patterns are more coherent we start feel better. When we feel better we begin to attract better people, circumstances and things to us. We start to experience more peace and harmony in our day to day life.

Biofeedback is about empowering people to take responsibility for their own health. Some of the benefits of Quantum Biofeedback include an improved ability to relax, improved sleep, reduction of stress, tension and nervousness, improved general health, reduction of anger, fear and gloominess, enhanced mental clarity and decreased pain, fatigue and headaches, to name a few.

Find out more about biofeedback at, which covers all aspects of Quantum Biofeedback as well as a biofeedback video.

30 Aug 2010

Last Update: 31 Aug 2010

Article/Information supplied by Elizabeth Fisher

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.