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Is there more than mammogram?

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Article by Ally Reichert

Ally Reichert Dip. HMed WODEN WELLNESS CENTRE Profile | Email | Website
Ally Reichert Dip. HMed WODEN WELLNESS CENTRE SAFE & PAIN-FREE testing, including infrared thermal imaging. Breast and body scans help you to 'see' trouble spots, so you can get the right treatment -faster. Why guess when you can be sure? I've been in practice since 1998 and would be delighted to meet with you to see how I can help. I am a registered health professional, so health fund rebates may apply. Questions? Please phone me 0411 107 161 WODEN WELLNESS CENTRE Unit 2 Gadal Chambers, 48 Corinna St
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 Infrared Breast Imaging is suitable for women of ALL ages who want to be pro-active about breast health. All imaging is conducted without compression or radiation. It is also ideal for monitoring the surgery site, remaining breast tissue and lymph nodes, following biopsy or mastectomy. Most importantly, infrared imaging can scan areas of the breast that mammogram simply cannot reach.

 Infrared Breast Imaging provides a detailed analysis of the entire breast region, including the underarm area where lymph nodes are located, and your upper back. Infrared imaging is also used as an adjunct to current screening tools such as ultrasound and mammogram. The images can provide additional information about activity in your breast tissue.

 Infrared Breast Imaging is a unique monitoring tool, allowing you to track changes as they occur often long before you may be aware of problems or symptoms. It can identify changes in tissue that may precede the development of disease, so it can give very early warning.


Extensive research has established the body’s normal heat distribution. Infrared technology reveals asymmetries and variations in these normal patterns, identifying the cause of existing or potential problems. To date, over 8,000 studies have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals, validating infrared as a clinical marker/diagnostic aid.

 In a paper published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, (radiology) in 2003, American researchers concluded “ Infrared imaging offers a safe non invasive procedure that would be valuable as an adjunct to mammography in determining whether a lesion is benign or malignant.” Currently, infrared technology has FDA approval in the USA for breast screening. 

18 Aug 2010

Last Update: 19 Aug 2010

Article/Information supplied by Ally Reichert

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