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Beauty Product Testing 2

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Article by Dieter Luske

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Part 2 - Product Reviews and Product Testing:

( for part one click > beauty testing )

We ( useNature ) are testing the following Beauty Products:

Beauty Equipment:

  1. The Galvanic Beauty Wand - Combines the action of ions, infrared rays and micro massage with the "skincare" for a brighter, more tonic and clearer skin.  Prevent or reduce wrinkles, making your skin tonic and elastic.
  2. Wrinkle Eraser Pen - description: removing wrinkles esp around the eyes - fishtail - puffiness - slows down the effects of aging.
    Helps to replenish the body's natural supply of human epidermis growth factor - hEGF.

Testing is done in conjunction with the following products ...

The Beauty Skin Care Products : ( click names for more details ) - All skin-care products have been generously provided free of charge !

elly b - Brooklan Tree - Nature's Gift - Carmaje - Livinia


Product and Equipment Test results

What can I say ..  let’s start with saying it has been an interesting experiment.
We indeed found out that the equipment shows results; there is a slight reduction in fine lines and softening of the wrinkles. However, we failed in one important aspect, we should have had a couple of testers, testing the beauty products without the beauty equipment.
We have completed our tests, and we do have some skin care products left, which are still being used be all testers.
One result is absolutely clear; everyone was very enthusiastic about the amazing natural organic skin care products provided.
The equipment is another story… all  agreed that somehow the skin seems to be  improving, but still testing started to slow down already in the second week and by the third week it became very sporadic. What I try to convey in a polite way, that the nearly one hour of time it takes every day to use the equipment needs very disciplined people… and the tests revealed… we were not that disciplined. :-)

Still, it brought out good results; skin looks refreshed, smoother, less lines or softening of wrinkles. Everyone got into the habit of using the natural products regularly at least twice a day .. some had not used a specific beauty routine before.

The other good result is, that everyone is now convinced that natural organic products are much better, healthier and good value .
And finally, yes we can recommend the beauty equipment, esp. if you are a person who doesn’t mind spending one hour a day for one month using it. After that time, a couple of times a week should be sufficient.
Our strongest recommendation goes however to the Natural and Organic Skin Care Products.
Please have a look at those companies who provided the products :

elly b - Brooklan Tree - Nature's Gift - Carmaje - Livinia - click on each link

We have done some further research and came up with some interesting facts:
It is not that commercial well-known brands are using bad ingredients; some of the ingredients are extremely effective. However, the amounts of those good ingredients within the carrier base may not be enough to make a difference to the skin. The problem is, good quality 'active ingredients' are VERY expensive.... to get around that,  the products do contain large amounts of water.

Knowing that our skin is basically waterproof will make it hard for watered down active ingredients to be absorbed. Add to that fillers, bulking agents and other unwanted chemicals, and you may not really get value for your money.
Look at the ingredients on a cream or lotions, the very first ingredient you will read on the list is 'water or aqua' (ingredients are always listed with those containing the largest proportion at the top), followed by fillers, bulking agents, preservatives etc... with the 'active' ingredients near the bottom of the list.
Interestingly enough, by removing all the water from a skin care  product and replacing it with a proper delivery system, it would not only be able to penetrate the skin... but almost every single layer of the epidermis.

Try to avoid potentially cancerous and cheap ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin , sodium lauryl sulphate, Paraben, Sulphates (SLS, SLES, ALS, ALES.
Natural Organic Products are much more concentrated, instead of water the carrier - delivery system -  is part of the active ingredient such as aloe vera juice.
All over, we hope this has been interesting information for you, and hopefully increased your awareness towards healthier natural organic skin care products.

Thank you to all who participated... cheers Dieter L. Editor -

Our next project is in the pipeline. For anyone who has any answers for sufferers of allergies and hypersensitivities or intolerances, please contact us with your results or research we would love to pass it on, and we will once again endeavour to  test products or equipment, or follow certain procedures.

Believe me, there is no shortage of volunteers ... it is probably the other way around, is there anyone out there without a sensitivity ..
All allergies or sensitivities lead to inflammation and slow or fast chain reactions within our system. It's incredible that not more is done do find reliable tests and possible cures. We believe that allergies are part of the causes of many degenerative diseases.

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18 Aug 2010

Last Update: 15 Oct 2012

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.