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The Most Important Questions to Ask A Colon Therapist

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Article by Bianca James

Colon Health Clinic Sydney Profile | Email | Website
Colon Health Clinic Sydney We are the leaders in Colonic Lavage Therapy and operate on a Medical Model, adhering to Infection Control Regulations.
We helped write Guidelines with NSW Health. Therapists are Registered Nurses reducing the risks & dangers when performed by a non medical person.Do you suffer from any bowel problems,are pregnant,
have gallstones,candida,cancer
With our support/knowledge we can guide you back to the life
you desire
50 Nicholson Street St
Australia 2065
02 9906 2288 -0420 976 228


Colonic Lavage Therapy (colonic irrigation) is an Invasive Medical Procedure and as with every modality carries with it RISKS and DANGERS, that can be greatly reduced if the Colon Therapist is a Registered Nurse, who has undertaken additional, PROFESSIONAL training in the area of Colon Health and Colonic Lavage Therapy, and is therefore... to ensure your safety.... able to follow the stringent standards of Infection Control required to keep you safe.

Unfortunately very few facilities can meet these standards of professionalism. WHY?  because it's a really easy industry for a non medically qualified person, wanting a career change to enter.

There are NO regulations governing this industry. so anyone, from any walk of life can become a colon therapist in 20 - 50 hours.

NO qualifications of any kind are required.

There are no exams or followups to prove proficiency.

There is no professional body or authority to inspect facilities or ensure that stringent Infection Controls are adhered to and followed.

There is also NO SUCH THING as colon therapists registration or certification, because there is no professional body or Authority that recognises colonic Lavage (Colonic Irrigation) as  a valid therapy.

Registration and Certification is only given and recognised by the facility that offers the training. 

There is NO Australian State or Federal Authority that recognises colonic lavage (colonic irrigation) At this point in time there is no authority that approves or recognised any colon therapist. It appears that people pay a lot of money for what they are informed is a qualification, when in truth there is no such thing.  

Sadly too, NSW Health DOES NOT feel they have any responsibility for the wellbeing of people who pursue colonics, they state that "all people wishing to pursue this therapy do so at their own risk, and should do their own due deligence before visiting a facility to have a colonic."

Due of the lack of adequate training, experience in the area of Infection Control or follow up supervision that should be given to non medical people who chose to become colon therapists, in 1995 6 people contracted Hep C after visiting a colonic facility.

Finally in 2000 I was invited to help in the writing of the first regulations that were to govern this industry, however despite NSW Health regulations on Infection Control to date there is little if any enforcement of these regulations by NSW Health.

So the Most Important questions to ask a colon therapist and to ensure your safety are:

What qualification do you have?  

Is all your equiptment sterile, disposable and single use?

Do you follow stringent Infection Procedures?

How long and how many colonics have you given?

If you don't get an answer that satisfied you DON'T do it.



18 Feb 2015

Article/Information supplied by Bianca James

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.