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Beauty Product Testing

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Article by Dieter Luske

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Product Reviews and Product Testing:

We are testing the following Beauty Products:

Beauty Equipment:

  1. The Galvanic Beauty Wand - Combines the action of ions, infrared rays and micro massage with the "skincare" for a brighter, more tonic and clearer skin.  Prevent or reduce wrinkles, making your skin tonic and elastic.
    Has a four-step program: > cleansing - massage - nutrient and lifting.
    We have used below skin care products to enhance each step;
    Cleansing product - tonic/massage product and a  moisteriser cream / serum / gel mask  type  product for the last 2 steps. -
    Because of the galvanic current (micro-electricity) - the skin should be always moist with the skin-product or additional water, and no metallic object should be worn - take off; glasses - watch - jewelry etc.

  2. Wrinkle Eraser Pen - description: removing wrinkles esp around the eyes - fishtail - puffiness - slows down the effects of aging.
    Helps to replenish the body's natural supply of human epidermis growth factor - hEGF.

Testing is done in conjunction with the following products ...

The Beauty Skin Care Products : ( click names for more details ) - All skin-care products have been generously provided free of charge !

  1. elly b - pure organic australian skincare - suitable for all ages and skin types - beautiful presented -
  2. Brooklan Tree - Natural Organic Skincare - balance - harmony - perfection
  3. Nature's Gift - Organic Skin Care - aromatherapy skincare - safe - therapeutic and exquisite
  4. Carmaje - pure botanical skincare - certified organic ingredients - contains fresh Aloe Vera Juice not water
  5. Livinia - natural skin care and make up - pure natural beauty  - suitable for all skin types - with special attention to sensitive, stressed and sun damaged skins.


Reasons for Testing:

  1. We wanted to find out if beauty equipment which claims wrinkle smoothing or erasing has any real visible lasting effect.
  2. These equipments work best in combination with topical applications, it is suggested, that in using the equipment, the skin will allow absorption of skincare products to a deeper level.
  3. The skin is a natural barrier, however as we all know the skin is able to absorb, which is the reason that hormonal, nicotine or other drug skin patches actually work.
  4.  Knowing about skin absorption, and that it can be increased by certain beauty equipment, should ring alarm bells, as you don't want to absorb any chemicals or synthetic based ingredients which you may find in common skincare products.
  5. And knowing all that, one comes to the conclusion that better absorption could be used to absorb something positive, something which can feed the skin without possible harmful side-effects.

We recommend - only ever use:  high quality organic therapeutic skincare products.

Product test results and product reviews will be published here:

Testing has commenced and mild favourable results have been achieved, but first lets talk about the skincare products.

Testing subjects ( clients ) of different skin types and different ages, ranging from 18 to 64 years of age - male and female.

A unanimous vote of confidence has been given to all of the organic - natural skin care products, and some clients had never used organic skin care before.
The general consent was a surprisingly liking of: skin care texture - feel - consistency - smell and overall appearance, and for some kind of reason a general surprise that skin care can be that good.

We had hoped to find specific points of distinctions between the products, however we can't recommend one product over another. Some clients liked a specific aroma more than another, and the same happened with the texture and feel of the products, but this was more a personal liking rather than any short comings of any product.

Interesting to point out, that men liked the aroma/perfume of most products too. The general consent was that the aroma was refreshing, and not targeted to a gender.

Some clients liked the more earthy presentation of brands such as Carmaje and Brooklan Tree, whereas others liked the elegant representation of Nature's Gift and Elle B.  However, that had no influence on the product tested., just personal preferences.

Some of the mature skin clients, assumed that possible the chea butter in Elle B's night cream felt esp. soothing and long lasting.

Whereas another thought the Aloe Vera Mask and Moisturiser from Nature's Gift was just to die for, and the same people loved the Gel cleanser too.

Others again liked the Brooklan Tree  essential facial moisture, refreshing,  and with only a touch of aroma, and Brooklan Tree  facial fresheners smell that good, one client , instead of saying it smells good, said it tastes good, that must mean she liked it.

The nightly renewal from Carmaje was another winner, rich and long lasting.

And once again someone wanted to eat a cream, Livinia's Silken Touch Light cream, and the name is no exaggeration, it's luxury in a jar.

Obviously, we are not skilled enough to test each product to be able to claim a therapeutic result, however "none" of the clients tested wants to go back to their commercial brands, and I think that speaks for itself.

Now, has it reduced wrinkles and appearance?

The overall verdict is still out, as we will test for one solid month.

One thing is sure, if you ever test yourself, take some pictures before and after, try to take the pictures under the same light conditions and with the same distance of the camera away from the face. None of the clients was keen to have their face to appear on a web-site, which is understandable.

There is a difference in appearance, and the difference is more distinct in clients who use the beauty equipment with the skin care products.
But we only have one client who is testing the equipment without skincare. We haven't got enough people to test every skin type and every age in a double blind test. On the other hand we are not out to claim a superior therapeutic function, we simple like to establish if above beauty routine has any result at all.

So far, there seems to be the undivided opinion that faces are looking fresher a bit tighter and in certain cases we seem to observe a small lift around the eyes, and less puffiness around the eyes.
Once again, I try not to be too sceptical, but less puffiness around they eyes within one week of testing could also mean the client had enough sleep. - Which would be a good thing :-)

Overall, after one week, we agree there is a light reduction and softening of some wrinkles ..
By the way, the final test will come after we stop using the equipment, how long will the improvement last?  The equipment guidelines recommend to use the beauty wand at least once a week more or less forever .. and obviously we always should use only the best quality organic skincare products, to ward off pre-mature aging.

Date today: 28.07.2010  - next report in one-week time.

 ... Dieter L. Editor

18.08.2010 > to continue -  click > Testing Part 2

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28 Jul 2010

Last Update: 15 Oct 2012

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.