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Flushing for Health

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Article by Bianca James

Colon Health Clinic Sydney Profile | Email | Website
Colon Health Clinic Sydney We are the leaders in Colonic Lavage Therapy and operate on a Medical Model, adhering to Infection Control Regulations.
We helped write Guidelines with NSW Health. Therapists are Registered Nurses reducing the risks & dangers when performed by a non medical person.Do you suffer from any bowel problems,are pregnant,
have gallstones,candida,cancer
With our support/knowledge we can guide you back to the life
you desire
50 Nicholson Street St
Australia 2065
02 9906 2288 -0420 976 228

You may be amazed to learn that one in every three Australians is plagued by a very common bowel problem called Constipation; the side effects of bloating, the constant feeling of fullness, cramping, discomfort, wind, headaches, lack of energy, joint aches, pains and the general feeing of unwellness almost ruins their lives, and leaves them feeling exhausted, alone, and at their wits end.

How can some of these seemingly unrelated health issues, headaches and joint pains be related to constipation?

Constipation is a condition of the bowel, and the bowel is the sewer system of the body.

If the sewer system in your house broke down, you would waste no time calling a plumber to fix it, because you know if it's not fixed quickly you won't be able to walk into your house, let alone your bathroom, because the stench would be unbearable.

If the sewer system in your body does'nt work the stagnant waste that is not flushed out of the body, will cause problems, and if you don't do something about it, quite quickly your body will let you know it's not happy, and it will do this in the only way it knows, by giving you symptoms.

The longer the problem continues, the more your sewer becomes blocked with the residue of food you eat every day, the worse the symptoms become, as the contents of your sewer begins to putrify, ferment and potentially harmful toxin poisons breed.

Unfortunately, that's not the end of it, because the blood that circulated through every cell, organ and tissues of your body, passes straight through your sewer, and has the ability to pick up the toxic garbage and carry it around your body, dumping it into the organs, cells and tissues in an effort to try and hide the toxic garbage. if toxins are dumped into the joints you will eventually have joint pains and arthritis, if toxins are dumped into organs, then those organs may become compromised causing disease, even cancer. 

Colonic Lavage Therapy is like the plumber coming in and cleaning the sewer, flushing out the toxins and poisons, if done correctly, and using a non pressurised system to deliver treatment , the bowel can relearn how to function. When the person having treatment is in control of the amount of water they comfortably take in , and are able to eliminate naturally into a toilet , (not through a tube) the bowel muscles can be strengthened and as a result will function more efficiently.  

Colonic LAvage Therapy is not a quick fix, the amount of treatments needed will depend on how long the bowel has not worked, how weak the muscles have become, if laxatives have been used, and for how many years, and finally how quickly the body will respond and start to heal itself.  No one can tell you this until you actually start the process, so patients is the key.


There are many facilities popping up these days, it's an easy industry to get into, there are no real regulation, there is no professional criteria required to entry, anyone can buy a machine, undertake a few hours of training, set themselves up and operate as colon therapists.

Every procedure has risks and dangers, and the most important thing to insure before pursuing this therapy is YOUR SAFETY. Colonic Lavage Therapy is a medical procedure and falls under the guidelines of Skin Penetration. perforation and infection are risks, but less so if you go to a facility run on a medical basis, with Medical Professionals overseeing the procedure.  



12 Sep 2013

Article/Information supplied by Bianca James

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.