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A Greener Festival presents Green events conference

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Article by Greg Howell

Climate Wave Enterprises Profile | Email | Website
Climate Wave Enterprises Climate Wave Enterprises assists your event to become
sustainable, identifying impacts on the environment and
society, lowering costs, implementing sustainability
practices to minimise adverse effects, leaving a positive
legacy to the community.

Whether you're staging a birthday party, wedding, sporting event, a music festival or a corporate gathering, we'll reduce the impact of your event on the planet.
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Australia 4224
0414 939 942

If you’re considering greening your event here is an excellent resource of You Tube video’s from the Green Events & Innovations conference 2013 presented by A Greener Festival which allows the festival community, academics, suppliers, scientists, sponsors and any other interested parties to come together and share ideas and highlight any developments within their sector or at their events.


A waste management program

Clear signage is a vital part of an effective waste management program to green events


Green events subjects…

Reducing Food Waste
Managing Waste at Festivals
Understand The Audience
The Green Ticket
More on A Greener Festival & The Greener Festival Award

…that are discussed are all vital areas of a festival that can have huge impacts on the budget & environmental impact of an event and where cost savings can be realised.

The panels are made up of the leading experts that produce the greenest festivals in the world and have been doing so before it started becoming popular. I would recommend the wise words from these gurus of the green event industry be listened to carefully for it’s all about sustaining your event both economically while having less impact on your local community.

Who doesn’t want to save money…as all prices are increasing?

Many of the issues and problems that are discussed in these videos will be lessened when more events take on sustainable event management practices which will bring down the price of alternative products & services.

When I consider the various practices at events that can have positive environmental & social change I’m looking at the global perspective and what I can do from my backyard. I posted a Greenpeace You Tube video earlier today on my personal face book page about #2thePole: amateur explorers to plant flag on seabed to protect the Arctic – join them!

This story is happening now and we all need to act for our own benefits. When you think, should I green my event…my answer is “you can’t afford not to!”

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Greg Howell

Climate Wave Enterprises – working with the planet

5 Apr 2013

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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